A Snapshot of Economic Concerns

The Escalating U.S. National Debt and the Possible Path to the ‘Great Reset

– Astounding National Debt Growth: In just a month, the national debt has surged by over $600 billion. That’s $833 million every hour. Currently, we’re staggering at a total of $33.65 trillion.

– A Looming Recession?: As this debt balloons, there are clear indicators of an approaching recession. The inverted yield curve, where short-term Treasury yields surpass long-term ones, is one such red flag.

– Historical Precedence: Over the past 55 years, every inversion between the 3-month and 10-year yield curve heralded a recession. The delay between inversion and the recession varied between 3 and 15 months.

– Media’s Soft Landing Myth: Despite these indicators, media narratives often paint a rosier picture, speaking of a possible “soft landing.” However, a Bloomberg study indicated that a rise in such “soft landing” articles typically precedes a recession.

– Households Running on Empty: the savings boost that American households experienced during the pandemic-era quantitative easing is dwindling. This financial cushion is running out.

– The Fed’s Inevitable Response: If a recession hits, the Federal Reserve’s likely reaction will be to slash interest rates and resort to money printing. Yet with the national debt already skyrocketing, this will only exacerbate the situation. If the current rate of debt growth persists, we might hit a staggering $41 trillion in the next year alone. By the way, BTC market cap us half a trillion.

– External Financial Strains: The U.S. is also financially backing conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, costing hundreds of billions. These “forever wars” could strain the already precarious U.S. financial health further. Some may think that this wars Will be won by the law of Last Man Standing.

– Domestic Pressures: Issues at the southern border, with hundreds of thousands of migrants entering every month, further strain national finances as localities seek more federal support. And Elon Musk is not helping with this.

– Debunking Debt Myths: While some claim national debt doesn’t matter, relying on the U.S.’s position as the global reserve currency isn’t a sustainable strategy. Simply printing money isn’t a solution. The national debt does matter, and ignoring it poses severe risks.

– Tough Choices Ahead: With accelerating debt and external pressures, the U.S. might eventually face a gut-wrenching choice: save allies or save itself?

– A Call for Strong Leadership: While solutions are complex, monetary discipline and aiming for a balanced budget, like the one we had less than 25 years ago, could steer us back to a position of strength.

The other solution is The Great Reset.

Stay informed, and let’s work together to navigate these challenging times.