The NPCs revolution

The Non-Playable Characters (NPC) has become popular in our culture. Kids use it to talk about someone who is irrelevant, without character, who doesn’t have criteria or personality. I prefer the definition of a character not relevant for the plot, who has no power to change the game, whose incidence is not crucial, designed only as a secondary actor to fill the stage and give a little more realism.

When we analyze the financial context, with rampant inflation dominated by an abusive and irresponsible monetary policy that has led us to an economic recession that will have harsh consequences for the majority of citizens, one can only lament because citizens are NPCs of the system financial.

The central banks and governments that have programmed this game have not assigned us any other role than to go to work repeating the same movements every day, no matter what, even if inflation makes us poor with work. No complain, we are financial NPCs.

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But there is a new hope. The NPCs have an alternative network that has slipped into this metaverse of traditional economic reality called decentralized finance (DeFi), where there is its own currency (Bitcoin) and a whole universe of applications (Dapps) that allow us to operate among ourselves, among the NPCs, directly and without intermediaries. Masters programmers like the FED or ECB who have created this abusive financial program cannot confiscate, ban or prevent this alternative.

Of course that requires, on the part of the NPCs, that we raise our level of financial knowledge, our critical capacity, our criteria, because now we no longer depend on a central programmer who dictates the rules. We do what we want with our money. And if we are not careful we can run into FTX, Lunas, and a long etcetera that will end our long-suffering savings. Therefore, the first thing we must do to pass from NPC to APC (Autonomous Playable Character) in the financial sector is to update ourselves with knowledge. Study. Read. listen to podcasts.

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NPC created by an AI with the Prompt: version of Liberty Leading the People of Delacroix gaming characters NPCs

 Let’s take NPCs from the metaverses as an example. Until now they were only there to give color, decoration, but thanks to the AI this year we will see how many of them come to an interesting life. Take a look at this video. Modbox is a platform to create games cooperatively for PC and Virtual Reality. In this environment it is easy and intuitive to create new applications and quickly test them in this metaverse. Well, they have managed to integrate ChatGPT to these NPCs, which, according to the three lines of description that they put to define the character, is capable of generating a realistic interaction with the player.

The metaverses NPCs are turning, thanks to AI into interesting characters that can be relevant to the plot. With all that this implies.

The key question we must ask ourselves, in front of so much technological revolution, is: do we want to continue being NPCs or do we try to become APCs?

Yours in crypto and AI