During our weekly investment committee meetings at Belobaba, one of the mandatory topics on the agenda is the discussion about the market sentiment on bitcoin and one of the trends that I have been able to discover over the time is the divergence in sentiment when we discriminate the results by geography.

By far the most Bullish country of all is the United States and this is something that I can personally give faith of, given that I am based in Florida and on top of that, had the opportunity to attend the Bitcoin Conference of North America held last week in the James Knight Center in Miami.

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In a period where stories about the SEC rejecting MicroStratey reporting rules, Miners under pressure to sell positions to maintain operations, Russia’s Central Bank calling for total ban on Bitcoin mining and a potential war in Ukraine are filling the news headlines, the attendees to the conference gave little to no credit to what is going on in the world of crypto currencies.

Instead, the content on stage was focused on the need of increasing the participation in the democratic process to influence Lawmakers in order to get regulations in line with current times and the confidence that if the United States was able to absorb the lion’s share of the 51% of Hashing power that China pushed away six months ago, with more reason is going to be able to catch the potential 11% that Russia may let go.

As you can see, very critical and deep topics for the entire ecosystem.

Some will put bitcoiners adjectives such as “Mooners’, “Lambos” or “Superficial”. The reality is that regardless of how they are tagged, the community is occupied in making the industry profitable and inclusive.

And obviously, reports on the increasing use of renewable energy for mining were present during the three days of the conference.

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You could smell the optimism in the air, when speakers were able to share with the audience positive updates in the usage of renewable energy for mining, rising numbers of adopters in El Salvador, the potential of having a second country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender during 2022 to a point where one company gave a way a ticket so one member of the audience can travel to the space and another had the audacity to predict an important price increase from the prices held at the time of writing his article.

Whatever the motivation might be, these group of people from different walks of life have one thing in common and is that they are definitely here for the Long Run and that’s something worth celebrating.