The crypto community vows to end a Rocky patch in the Rockies

Another year and another episode of ETH Denver, the largest ETH meetup in North America.

I am a true believer that the Rocky Mountains of Colorado is the perfect place to load yourself with positive vibes in these times of so much controversy.

What I am about to write right next is something very contrarian, so if you trust blindly what the main street media is pushing in, you should stop reading now.

We are reaching an inception point where certain macro economic indicators are not painting a blue sky picture. But that’s only if you take things prima facie.

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The latest consumer price data showed that the Fed and the rest of the Central Banks around the world are incapable of getting inflation under control. However, let’s remember that when it comes to certain macro data and especially consumer prices, the picture we are watching only reflects what already happened a few weeks ago.

Taking out the effect of the Christmas shopping and the January bargains, I do believe that we should start seeing a more tamed price index behavior. There is no coincidence that the 10 years lever of the Yield curve is under 4% for the first time in months.

Regulation has been another source of depressing news. Certain Public Servants out there have the view that everything (other than Bitcoin) is a security. No matter how worrisome this approach might be, trust …it will be challenged in courts beyond belief.

Because if he is right… things like the movie tickets that you buy at AMC theaters or the coffee that you buy using the Starbucks app could be a security as well, which is as nonsensical as it can be.

The true reading we should take out of this circus is that finally congress is taking crypto regulation seriously and the pressure inflicted by the Crypto Lobby on certain congressmen and women should pay off.

Last but not least, a more purged and more professional web3 community more focused now in building and not partying and speculating is what in my opinion is heating up the freezing streets of Denver.