Teaching ChatGPT to Capture “Your Style”

Personalizing ChatGPT: Crafting Content in Your Unique Voice

How to get ChatGPT to learn your writing style. A trick that will speed up your workflow!

Step 1. You need ChatGPT4, the paid version (sorry, but if you’re not paying for it yet, you should!). If it’s a bit too pricey for you, consider teaming up with a few buddies and create a joint account. It’s worth it.

Step 2. Activate the option: Advanced Data Analysis in settings (under Beta Features).

Step 3. Create a document (word, pdf, …) with articles, newsletters, … whatever you have.

In my case, I’m fortunate to have accumulated a weekly article over the past three years. Articles that few read, but hey, now they turn out to be useful for feeding the AI!! 😉

Step 4. Upload this document to ChatGPT and ask it to analyze it. You can use a prompt like this:

“I’m going to give you a book, I want you to study it and analyze my writing style. I want you to learn how I write and help me craft new articles in this style. Sound good?”

To upload the document, simply drag and drop it or click on the + icon within the writing field.

Step 5. Make sure it captures your style. It might ask you things like:

Word Choice: Do you use certain words or phrases frequently? Do you prefer simple or complex words?

Sentence Structure: Are your sentences typically short and direct or long and intricate?

Tone: Is your writing formal, informal, conversational, academic, etc.?

Use of Examples and Analogies: Do you often use examples or analogies to illustrate your points?

Punctuation: Do you have a specific way of using quotes, parentheses, periods, etc.? In my case, I used this prompt:

“I’m interested in a tone that’s professional, with sarcastic and ironic humor, direct, … I prefer simple words to explain complex concepts. If you can use an analogy or example, even better. Punctuation should be based on bullet points, with very direct and executive information, without linguistic frills or complications.”

There you have it! Easy and super useful! My best intern finally gets my sense of humor…