The Biggest Whale

crypto whales

One of the biggest threats to the Crypto ecosystem is the behavior of some whales that may abuse of their position of dominance over the market by manipulating prices with their movements. This problem, which should tend to disappear as social adoption becomes more widespread, is a major headache for analysts, and for those who […]

Signals change in the market

The beginning of the change? This week we finally have relevant news to contribute. Today we cannot guarantee anything, but it is also true that we can appreciate certain significant changes in the market. As always, the maximum exponent is Bitcoin. A Bitcoin that has reacted quite forcefully to the falls at the beginning of […]

Do not cryptopanic

This is being a hectic morning. Yesterday’s session has brought consequences for markets that lacked sufficient volume to manage the situation that has occurred with the publication of certain news or intentions by the Bank of Russia regarding cryptocurrencies. All connoisseurs of market theories are fully aware that there are always events that are beyond our […]

The market consolidates new highs

This week in the cryptoassets market we have seen a decline from the historical maximum achieved in the previous. As always happens on these occasions, the causes are multiple. From a technical point of view, we had a market in an overbought zone, with a distance to the ATH or historical maximum of less than […]