BELOBABA Tour: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador

Empowering Global Finance: BELOBABA’s Vision and Expansion in Latin America Over the past 15 days, the BELOBABA team, led by our Managing Director Daniel Hernández, has embarked on a tour focused on Latin America but with a global perspective. This journey has been an opportunity to share and convey our mission and vision to a […]

Friend.Tech, the Trojan horse

Be cautious with everything new coming into the crypto space, as often we don’t know what we’re dealing with, what information we’re sharing, and the hidden interests behind it. I’m not an advocate of being the first to jump in or trying anything without prior investigation and audit, as it feels like I’m committing a […]

Value Investors in the Age of Web3

DeFi usage optimization l2 web3

Working in the realm of web3 finance, we often find ourselves at the intersection of technological evolution and traditional financial principles. One of the tenets that remains consistent, even as the financial ecosystem undergoes rapid metamorphosis, is value investing. One of the foremost experts in this field is Valentin Santamaria gonzalez, from whom I’ve learned […]

AAVE, as a DeFi blue chip

AAVE is a DeFi blue chip and their ability to bounce back from a tough year. Aave is one of those projects, and one that virtually everyone in crypto is aware of.  2023 is a fantastic year of consolidation, after the previous years. Let’s see its history and what the chart, its price, can do […]

WaaS; Blockchain Services Begin

defi learning belobaba

At the beginning of the year, Coinbase announced its Wallet-as-a-Service (Waas) solution to enable businesses to adopt wallets using their infrastructure, and recently, Circle (issuer of USDC), also announced its Wallet-as-a-Service platform, which provides relevant infrastructure for developers to easily adopt this wallet service. WaaS sits at the intersection of Web2 and Web3, indirectly helping […]

¡Es hora de explorar Outer Ring!

Maniac Panda Games se complace en anunciar la tan esperada llegada de la Pre-Alfa de Acceso Anticipado de #OuterRing. Experimenta este increíble juego, que ya está disponible para su descarga en Blink Galaxy, la plataforma de distribución digital desarrollada por Nexxyo Labs.  Blink Galaxy sirve como centro unificado para todos los proyectos creados por el […]

Once in a lifetime

Artificial intelligence

In the rapidly evolving AI (and chatbot) landscape, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. ChatGPT, once the unmatched leader, still dominates, but new challengers like Bard (Google) and Claude are providing strong reasons for their adoption. Previously, Google Bard struggled with delivering high-quality responses across various modes of communication, but the advent of […]

The future for mass adoption for crypto

This article is somewhat of a continuation of Apple’s article from last Thursday, but with the goal of learning about HSMs. The Apple App Store launches a new cryptocurrency wallet: Kresus. It uses Amazon Web Services Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to store users’ private keys, thus eliminating the need for seed phrases. Instead of passwords, […]

Decentralized Insurance: The solution

Decentralized insurance could be a promising solution to save DeFi from risk and increase investor confidence in the ecosystem. As DeFi has expanded rapidly in recent years, so have the risks associated with investing in these protocols. Security vulnerabilities, code bugs and hacker attacks have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars in investor […]

Blockchain For…

Web3 and The Ethereum Merge

DIGITAL MONEY I don’t think there’s a single bank right now that isn’t exploring the possibility of issuing a digital currency backed by the central bank of the moment, we can talk about tailor-made CBDCs. Blockchain is no longer as useless, nor a token as dangerous as it was misrepresented through all available means. In […]