Dubai Esports Festival, esports needs Blockchain

Dubai Esports Festival - Esports need blockchain

Today, Thursday 10/11, the Initiate Summit of the Dubai Esports Festival ended. Meeting where BELOBABA attended to explain why from our point of view, gaming and esports will be the gateway for crypto assets to massive adoption and how we are managing the investment in them. The event is dedicated to gaming, esports and PopCon […]

WEB3 or L2; What will optimize DeFi usage?

DeFi usage optimization l2 web3

Let’s start by understanding that algorithms and code have the ability to constantly improve. Algorithms learn and improve with use, and code becomes more functional by design as shortcomings and flaws are discovered at the beginning of its integration. With this in mind, it goes without saying that DeFi is full of both technical tools by […]

From School of Salamanca to Bitcoin

The School of Salamanca was a school of economic thought in several areas that took place in the Renaissance of the 16th century, through a group of theologians and jurists concentrated mainly at the University of Salamanca. They were one of the first groups to pay attention to the impact of the quantity of money […]

Web3 and The Ethereum Merge

Web3 and The Ethereum Merge

Life is what happens while you are waiting. This Bear Market is demanding great patience from investors and traders, not only in the crypto market, but also in traditional finance. But it is in these periods where the future is built.  When Jeff Bezos was asked if he is worried about this quarter’s results, he replied […]

Blockchain games remain resilient

September has just started, people are coming back from vacation, but not much has changed in the world. Inflation is rampant, the euro is falling and the Ukraine war is in the same position. Regarding the cryptomarket, it is still in a bear market and with a lot of rumors that it is going to […]

Web, Blockchain and Crypto; History and Fundamentals Part 2

Continuing with the different layers and architectures of blockchain described in the previous article, we are facing a huge opportunity and many dilemmas still to be solved: adoption, compression and acceptance among them. Seeing the historical path of the web, we can better understand that in each phase new complexities and players are added, so […]

Monthly analytics update

We are approaching the end of July with another positive week that leaves us with a monthly result in $BTC close to +20%, in a recovery movement within the downtrend that we have been dragging since last year, as we can see in the chart. Last week I commented on a triple bottom figure that […]

Is the NFT market still alive?

Has the NFT market been beaten by the Bear Market? Was it really a speculative JPEG bubble that has finally burst? I would say the NFT is wounded but not dead. There is no doubt that the crypto market is not going through its best moments in 2022. It started with 2.4 trillion dollars of […]

Ethereum Name Service Analysis

Recovery week in the crypto market, in which $BTC approaches results close to +10%, but still far from the levels of early June.  This weekly move has generated the breakout of the acceleration bearish channel that we commented on a few weeks ago and has also confirmed a triple floor formation as we can see […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI), key to the Metaverse?

The creation of the metaverse is not something trivial as it includes many edges in different sectors, such as technological, economic or social. In this article, with collaboration of my colleague Miquel Roig, expert in artificial intelligence and Head of Data Analysis in Belobaba, we will discuss “Artificial intelligence and its role in the Metaverse“. What is […]