A New Digital Era Under Construction

DAO, DEFI and NFTs May, 4, 2022 In the past and as a result of the industrial revolution, corporations (drivers of progress in applying technology to commerce) emerged as a new system […]

ApeCoin Analysis – APE

Another week with little change in the cryptomarket’s largest cap assets, leaving a very similar scenario to last week, with new lows being created at the start of the week, […]

Moving from web2 to web3 gaming

Last week my colleague Toni Garballo talked about web3 and its influence on the metaverse… and taking advantage of the hype generated by his article.  We are not going to explain the technological […]

DEFI is not just about providing liquidity

Make every dollar efficient and profitable in a market connected and working 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Eradicate usury (the middleman), who keeps part of your profits […]

Has Bitcoin Gone for a Random Walk?

We love zooming in on daily moves. And the theme “When in Doubt zoom out” sounds like a joke when the market crashes. Let’s define what a random walk is. […]

MONERO Analysis – XMR

This week started with new monthly lows in $BTC and $ETH that falsified the support zone in both cases, but that same day left a bullish rejection move that leaves […]

Web 3 or Metaverse, that is the question

Web3 (sometimes called web 3.0) and metaverse are two terms that have recently become a constant question in the world of technology. I’m sure you’ve heard them countless times in […]