Technical Figures 2: Flag/Pennant


Last week we analyzed some trend reversal formations such as the double bottom or double top, so this time I want to show you a trend continuation figure such as the Flag or Pennant. It is a figure that is formed by a very pronounced movement in one direction (mast) that subsequently generates a consolidation […]

Technical Figures 1: Triple Bottom and Double Top

August is usually a month with a low trading volume and this first week is a clear example of it, since we have experienced a week without major changes in the tokens with the highest capitalization of the crypto market, in which $BTC has moved in a range between the resistance of $24k and without […]

The power of the algorithms


We could practically duplicate the comment from the previous week, and it would still be valid for today. So this time I have decided to change the theme of the post a bit and talk a little about my real activity in trading and what I do To be more exact, my approach and activity […]

Conoce al nuevo Director Académico: Miquel Roig

E: Buenos días Miquel, felicidades por tu nuevo puesto como Director Académico en BITBCN. Miquel R.: Muchas gracias, es un nuevo reto que encaro con muchas ganas y mucha ilusión. E: Cuéntanos un poco sobre tu recorrido en Belobaba y tus inicios en crypto. M: Como a muchos alumnos y profesionales, mi acercamiento al mundo […]

The Market Hides Himself

The best victory is to win without fighting (Sun Tzu). For many years, an ancient book has been very much in vogue among executives and leaders, due to the teachings it brings to the management and direction of groups. It is ‘The Art of War by Sun Tzu). Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, philosopher, […]

It’s all about trends. Blockchain and AI

The big players in the financial system such as sovereign wealth funds, always look at the long term. And when their investment strategy depends on the long-term view it is very important to understand the trends, which are the main disruptive game changer that will shape the world in the coming decades.  And Digital transformation is the top […]

Maximize Your Returns In Decentralizaed Financial Products

Those of you who follow my articles know that my management in DEFI is 80% of the time researching (including the time needed to make a VPM and test the strategy before putting real money in), and 20% of the time in the market operating. Due to this combination and consistency I have continuous improvement […]