Overcoming clichés, SOLANA

No doubt that you have read in forums, media about Solana’s haters, mocking the continuous crashes of the network and its centralisation. The design of a tokenomics that aims to be inflationary, and of course in recent months, the extreme participation that #FTX and #Alameda had of #SOL. With this article I do not intend to dismantle anything, nor to […]

Crypto economy; Revolution, Evolution or survival of the financial system (part III)

crypto economy revolution evolution survival financial system 2022

7. STABLECOIN  An ecosystem of digital assets complements itself perfectly and almost naturally with a Stablecoin as a means of payment, this allows transactions between digital assets to be carried out on the basis of a token-for-token exchange, also called atomic exchange, achieving a settlement snapshot. To this end, commercial banks, international corporations, and FinTechs […]

Cripto economía; revolución, evolución o supervivencia del sistema financiero (parte III)

crypto economy revolution evolution survival financial system 2022

7. STABLECOIN  Un ecosistema de activos digitales se complementa perfectamente y casi de forma natural con una stablecoin como medio de pago, esto permite que las transacciones entre activos digitales se realizacen sobre la base de un intercambio de token por token, también llamado intercambio atómico, logrando una liquidación instantánea. Con este fin, los bancos […]

We are here

bitcoin adoption

Miners analysis Miners are in a difficult situation, with a cost structure at the limit and the sales pressure has increased by 400% as shown in the following Tradingview graph: This implies two things: there will be miners who are going to stop mining, and there will be miners who will have to sell part […]

The Biggest Whale

crypto whales

One of the biggest threats to the Crypto ecosystem is the behavior of some whales that may abuse of their position of dominance over the market by manipulating prices with their movements. This problem, which should tend to disappear as social adoption becomes more widespread, is a major headache for analysts, and for those who […]

TraFi vs CeFi vs DeFi, check your convictions

blockchain tools to produce a monetary reset

Being in a full and conscious economic recession, given the data of the last 2 quarters with a negative GDP growth -1.6% in the first quarter of 2022 and -0.9% in the second quarter of 2022, these are the moments where we must review our convictions and put on the table whether we really have sufficiently […]

Monthly Review: $BTC, $ETH and $MATIC

bullish close in the crypto market

The last week of October leaves us with an encouraging bullish close in the crypto market that is clearly reflected in $BTC, which has left a rebound move from support to test and even pierce the first short-term resistance zone at $20.5k, but for the moment without a large increase in volume as we can […]

Building a business in blockchain games

business in blockchain games

We’ve talked about the future of blockchain gaming and it is clear that metaverse, or virtual worlds, as you prefer are already changing the limits between games and metaverse.  In addition, new paradigm of blockchain, where players are owners of NFTs and where those NFTs can be an avatar, skin or any in game asset […]

No Delta-Neutral, No Paradise

long and a short position strategy trading

The term “Delta neutral” generally describes a strategy that involves a long and a short position, where a combined exposure in both, results in a market neutral position, i.e. you turn a trend (bullish or bearish) into a calm sea. Therefore, the Delta measures the directional variation of a position (-1, 0, +1), so Delta […]

NFTs & Esports Synergies

Esports and NFTs are booming global phenomena converging in parallel, with no ceiling to their potential, and irremediably drawing closer to each other with a cosmic attraction power. Why wouldn’t they? There is much to be gained from their relationship. These are two rising stars of the modern world, whose symbiosis could turn into something […]