The success of Bitcoin largely depends on the incentives given to miners. Every time a transaction is signed and confirmed, a hash is generated.h Hash is like sealing wax on […]

Darling we have to talk

Darling, we have to talk… Everybody that has ever been into a long term relationship knows that when you hear those words you are dead. Maybe you don’t know exactly […]

The Survival of the Fittest

Those who know me or have been reading my content lately, will quickly be able to conclude that as an investment manager, I am more fundamental than quant or Technical. […]

Elrond Analysis – EGLD

Second consecutive week with $BTC prices in the range between $27k and $31.5k, which continues to generate a latent indecision in the market.   In the case of $ETH we did […]

Until the Trend Changes

The trend is your friend, all the way”. It’s a principle of technical analysis that usually works very well. Even better than we think. For this reason, let’s consider how […]

Tenset Analysis – 10SET

The overall crypto asset market situation remains largely unchanged. In both $BTC and $ETH we have seen a week of low volatility and maintain their price above the previous week’s […]