NFTs & Esports Synergies

Esports and NFTs are booming global phenomena converging in parallel, with no ceiling to their potential, and irremediably drawing closer to each other with a cosmic attraction power. Why wouldn’t they? There is much to be gained from their relationship. These are two rising stars of the modern world, whose symbiosis could turn into something […]

Web, Blockchain and Crypto. History and fundamentals

In 1991 the World Wide Web was presented. A new structure in digital format that began to change the order of things. This structure was accessible only from our computer, where for the first time information was obtained outside the books and communication with other people outside the use of letters or telephone. The most powerful digital […]

Blockchain Gaming challenges the bear market

We are still in a market which has not stopped going down for days, although it seems that it has given us a break but we do not know until when and in what direction it will move.  The truth is that there is a lot of fear in the market and we keep getting […]

When the tide goes out, that’s when you see who swims naked

Let me change the script a little bit this week and get away from the usual content. This week I am not going to show charts or talk about the market from a technical point of view. I am going to make a series of deep reflections on the current situation that I believe that […]


The success of Bitcoin largely depends on the incentives given to miners. Every time a transaction is signed and confirmed, a hash is generated.h Hash is like sealing wax on envelopes. It’s like a postmark. It is proof that your funds have been transferred safely and that you must pay the one who signs the […]

10 games to make money in the crypto winter

When you think of writing the article, you think of making an incredible article that is ground breaking and that does not look like any other, but the truth is that this is almost a utopia in the times we live in.  This week something very interesting has happened and that those of us who […]

Darling we have to talk

Darling, we have to talk… Everybody that has ever been into a long term relationship knows that when you hear those words you are dead. Maybe you don’t know exactly which is your sin, but you know you are gonna pay for it.  Ok sweetheart, what do you want to talk about? Oh, really!! you […]

The Survival of the Fittest

Those who know me or have been reading my content lately, will quickly be able to conclude that as an investment manager, I am more fundamental than quant or Technical. However, there are times (specially in turbulent ones) where one needs to sit back and rethink the tactic or even the long-term strategy. And that […]

Elrond Analysis – EGLD

Second consecutive week with $BTC prices in the range between $27k and $31.5k, which continues to generate a latent indecision in the market.   In the case of $ETH we did see a lower low two weeks ago, but for the time being it still holds the June 2021 support zone, so the macro situation is […]