Legal and Tax Advice for Cryptocurrency Investing

As individuals, investing in the blockchain World, and specifically in a crypto wallet, could be as simple or as complex as needed. It is interesting to explore a bit deeper what this means. An investment though a wallet could have similar consequences as to have an offshore financial traditional account, from a tax perspective. There […]

Nothing convinces the market

Biden steps up to the plate Undoubtedly the highlight of the week has been the White House Executive Order on cryptoassets. The truth is that we have not yet had time to analyze it, but given the context I think we can intuit what its intention will be. The geopolitical context has put on the table […]

Tax Time

Like in the Medieval ages and more specifically during Assize times, citizens in major western countries are facing the [un]pleasant tax season. More than 600 years ago that used to mean a soldier/messenger from the King or Queen standing in the middle of a public square unfolding a paper roll and shouting how much each […]