ISO 20022; The standard that will connect financial reporting

In the cryptocurrency sector, there is much talk about the ISO 20022 financial messaging standard, a standard that directly affects them by applying advantages and disadvantages to their proper use as a financial technology, and not as investment instruments. With the rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency market, it is important to stay up-to-date on the […]

Miners x9 Results: The Signal of Traditional Money Awaiting Crypto Entry


If you are an institutional investor you don’t have a lot of options to enter into the crypto market with certain regulated conditions. One of those solutions is investing in mining companies of Bitcoin. The current climate in the crypto industry is marked by an eagerness among traditional and institutional investors to enter the space. […]

MICA; The sheriff of the new west

A new player arrives in the new west, #MICA, carrying a powerful regulatory weapon on its belt regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, aiming to enforce its law. The European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation seeks to bring order, control, and a sense of sanity to the crypto-assets market, although it is true that it does not […]

Benchmark in technology and training

The world of cryptocurrencies has experienced significant growth and evolution in recent years, with the current era being hailed as the Crypto Spring. This article provides an overview of the present crypto situation, highlighting key developments, trends, and challenges in the industry. Market Recovery and Maturation: After a prolonged bear market, cryptocurrencies have rebounded, showcasing […]

Cryptoassets, the future of custody

Cryptoassets can be held in custody through various methods and entities that specialize in providing secure storage solutions. Here are some common ways in which cryptoassets can be held in custody: Crypto Exchanges: Many cryptocurrency exchanges offer custodial services, where they hold the cryptoassets on behalf of their users. When you deposit your cryptoassets into […]

MICA · Crypto regulation

With the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market, regulatory frameworks are being developed to address the unique challenges and risks associated with digital assets. The European Union (EU) has proposed a comprehensive regulatory framework called Markets for Crypto Assets (MICA) to establish clear rules and guidelines for cryptocurrencies and related activities. What is MICA? MICA […]

DeFi and Regulation

INTRODUCTION DeFi has emerged as a revolutionary force in the financial industry (especially highlighted by recent events where some traditional banks collapsed and others narrowly avoided a bank run), demonstrating in moments of distress and uncertainty that it continued to function like clockwork, providing financial services to people worldwide without intermediaries, accounts, or identification. However, […]

Stablecoins: Unlocking the Power of Cryptocurrency Stability

As we already know, stablecoins represent a clever way to realize profits trapped in the revaluation of a token without the need to transfer profits to a traditional FIAT based bank account. Nowadays, stablecoins are a big player in the cryptocurrency world; for example, Theter (USDT), the first stablecoin, after bitcoin, is the third most […]

From Property to Taxes: How Blockchain is Transforming Asset Management

Blockchain is a nothing more than a decentralized distributed ledger, a registration system, a database. The question is: why is this database so special? Here’s the answer: Imagine a database issued by the government of one of the most corrupt countries in the world, would you trust? Now, imagine the same database produced by a […]

The market takes a breather

bear market

The market is still stunned and waiting. It must be said that this is a completely normal reaction in these circumstances. Normally, when a crash of these characteristics is caused by something as important as what FTX has caused, there must be a “digestion” of the event, which we know as distribution. And this is […]