The Recession opportunity

Recession it’s a good excuse to invest. It only depends on how long you put your goal, if you are thinking in the long term,  this could be your moment. That’s especially true if you bet on exponential trends. Trends are the clue.  Sometimes we use exponential curves to have better perspective over long time periods. […]

Monthly analytics update

We are approaching the end of July with another positive week that leaves us with a monthly result in $BTC close to +20%, in a recovery movement within the downtrend that we have been dragging since last year, as we can see in the chart. Last week I commented on a triple bottom figure that […]

The Pumpamentals Returns

Pump-and-dumps are widely known as bad practices and in some cases are even illegal. But what is a pump-and-dump? “Pump-and-dump is a manipulative scheme that attempts to boost the price of a stock or security through fake recommendations. According to Investopedia, false recommendations are a necessary part of the process leading to manipulation. However, there […]


With inflation soaring to levels not seen for years, investors need to reconfigure their dashboards so their metrics efficiently capture what is happening in reality. Because earning 5% a year with 0% inflation is not the same as earning 5% with 10% inflation. Investor would be losing 5% a year. In this sense, it is difficult to […]

How long will it take?

What has happened before, will happen again and we certainly can learn from it. In this article we will try to learn from the past how long can this economic crisis be. In the last 100 years we have seen at least 7 major downturns and many minor ones, but we will concentrate on the major ones […]