Bella Protocol Analysis – BEL

Despite the fact that last week we commented that $BTC had managed to break the range to the upside, during this week we have not seen a continuation move and […]

False rise

This week we have experienced a new attempt to overcome the highs of the channel in which bitcoin is moving at the moment. The high of the end of May […]

The transformation of banking: from branches to DAPPS

Source: If we cross two coordinates in a graph: in the vertical, human progress and in the horizontal, time, we would find an upside-down L. A practically flat baseline, […]

Waves Analysis – WAVES

This week we have seen more fluctuation in the crypto asset market, particularly in $BTC which last Monday managed to break out of the range in which it was involved […]

Elrond Analysis – EGLD

Second consecutive week with $BTC prices in the range between $27k and $31.5k, which continues to generate a latent indecision in the market.   In the case of $ETH we did […]

Buying continues in support zones

An anodyne week with no remarkable news. We are seeing how the distribution movement of the important market fall of May continues. Until today, the support zones are holding perfectly, […]

Tenset Analysis – 10SET

The overall crypto asset market situation remains largely unchanged. In both $BTC and $ETH we have seen a week of low volatility and maintain their price above the previous week’s […]