The war will end cryptocurrencies

How many times have I heard these words in the last 14 days, I don’t even know. I am afraid that the whole sentiment and narrative in this market is being (in an exceptional and intelligent way) doctored, about whether it is the end, about whether it is a weak market and without confidence from […]

¿Qué le pasa al mercado de NFT?

Las ventas de NFT se desploman hasta los 26 millones de dólares de media diaria en la primera semana de marzo, ¿ha reventado la burbuja? ¿Los SCAMS y los retractores han podido con los tokens no fungibles? En mi opinión, la respuesta es que NO. A principios de este año, el mercado de NFT estaba lleno de vida, […]

Building the Metaverse but which one?

The number of internet users in the world grew by 4% and was close to 5 billion in 2021. After the remarkable levels of growth we saw during 2020 we might think that 2021 would show a slowdown as the coronavirus restrictions were lifted, however, the number of internet and social network users continues to […]

2022. The year of GameFi

Just as 2020 was the year of DeFi, 2021 was the year of the breakthrough for NFTs and Play to Earn games. This year 2022, GameFi will continue to grow, and we need to keep a close eye on how this growth is happening. What to expect in 2022 According to a study by the Blockchain Gaming […]

The Great Decoupling

As pretty much every self-respected asset manager in the crypto industry, one of my first tasks of the year is to take the crystal ball out of the drawer and try to predict what is going to happen within the next 12 months. My view is that it will be another Great Year. Yes, 2020 […]

NFTs, The Metaverse, Gaming and Art Basel Miami 2021

During the first week of December Miami hosted ART BASEL 2021, one of the most influential art festivals in the world. Artists, experts and just curious from every corner possible of the globe converged in the city to get together and to celebrate Art. Almost 20 years since its first edition, the 2021 meeting was […]