Cosmos vs Ethereum. Liquid staking

It had to happen, sooner or later #Cosmos had to move to a second level, and that day has arrived. The #Stride blockchain (audited by CertiK and Oak Security) now offers liquid staking on Cosmos, which will allow the use of tokens such as #JUNO, #OSMO and #ATOM (in a first phase) to generate income passively, without financial risks derived from impermanent Loss or derived from the […]

US treasury and Tornado Cash, put DeFi sector in check

Strength of one (bitcoin, it has addresses on the OFAC SDN list for years and they have never had censorship at the protocol level, consequence: NONE, weaknesses of others (Ethereum at the network level has been touched and the protocols on it are quite censored). Although we can label the OFAC ban on Tornado Cash […]