evento santander belobaba

BELOBABA Tour estará en el Palacio de la magdalena de Santander, Cantabria el próximo 24 de septiembre de 2022. “El Futuro del Dinero: Digitalización, descentralización y productos al servicio del dinero”, es un evento que reunirá a inversores, asset managers, family officers y los proyectos de crypto y blockchain más importantes del ecosistema. Este evento […]

Technical Figures 2: Flag/Pennant


Last week we analyzed some trend reversal formations such as the double bottom or double top, so this time I want to show you a trend continuation figure such as the Flag or Pennant. It is a figure that is formed by a very pronounced movement in one direction (mast) that subsequently generates a consolidation […]

Crypto Summer

The market is reaching an interesting crossroads point. It is one of these situations in which the price has to make a decision that marks the immediate future. Right now from a technical point of view we can see a sideways range structure that is running out of recent moves. And I say this, for […]

Sovereign Funds into crypto (II)


Last week we saw who are the most important sovereign funds and how much money they manage (more than 30T)  How much money do these big financial players are now in crypto?  One of the main characteristics of SIF (Sovereign Investment Funds) is they need clear regulation. They are strongly regulated, and the lack of regulation in […]

On the verge of an historic moment


Recently, the European Central Bank released a document called “Towards the holy grail of cross-border payments” that tries to explain how the traditional system has been looking for centuries for a new and more efficient monetary network. The current financial system works properly but it is very expensive in terms of the time needed to […]

RETAIL VS INSTITUTIONS: Who is in a better position?

The word “retail” is often used in a derogatory way, undervaluing the individual who has not much money. Or who buys in small quantities. The institutional wholesaler is placed in a position of more power and control… or is he? In the world of crypto currencies we see typical behaviours of the traditional environment, economies […]

Technical Figures 1: Triple Bottom and Double Top

August is usually a month with a low trading volume and this first week is a clear example of it, since we have experienced a week without major changes in the tokens with the highest capitalization of the crypto market, in which $BTC has moved in a range between the resistance of $24k and without […]

The power of the algorithms


We could practically duplicate the comment from the previous week, and it would still be valid for today. So this time I have decided to change the theme of the post a bit and talk a little about my real activity in trading and what I do To be more exact, my approach and activity […]

Sovereign Funds into crypto (I)

Sovereign funds are the most important players in the financial system. In this series of 4 weekly articles we will analyze every Thursday during this month of August the current situation and possible impact of Sovereign funds into crypto. Impact of Sovereign funds into crypto Who has the power in financial markets? It’s not who you […]

Debt spiral

Debt is at highest historical points for governments, families and companies. Only the USA has a 30T$ debt problem. The only way to solve this problem is simple: the USA needs a high average growth (let’s say 4-5%) while controlling the debt growth into a lower rate (let’s say 2%). The difference, sustained in time (20-30 […]