Over the Counter – OTC

BELOBABA: Tu Puerta de Entrada al Mercado OTC El acrónimo OTC significa “Over the Counter” y se refiere al mercado financiero extrabursátil, tanto tradicional (TradFi) como de finanzas descentralizadas (DeFi). Me gustaría profundizar un poco más en las posibilidades de inversión a través de OTC, para arrojar algo de luz sobre esta posibilidad de inversión. […]

Bitcoin ETF

bitcoin crash belobaba

What is an ETF? An ETF, or Exchange-Traded Fund, is a financial product that bundles a series of assets into a single fund. It trades on an exchange and can be bought and sold throughout the trading day, just like a stock. For example, the IBEX35 is the most popular ETF in Spain as it […]

Real point in the markets?

bullish close in the crypto market

After an upward start to the year 2023 in the markets, observing how the international indices react upwards after the previous drops, I would like to reflect on their real situation. The importance of manufacturing is such that it later affects the GDP that moves the indices. Identifying what it does gives us a visual […]

BELOBABA Receives Prestigious International Prime Award 2022 in Dubai

The V Hotel Dubai

BELOBABA is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious International Prime Award 2022 in Dubai. This award recognizes the company’s innovative approach to banking and its commitment to empowering users to take control of their financial future. As the first multi-strategy cryptocurrency hedge fund with a regulated security token, BELOBABA has made a […]

AI: What’s next?

Artificial intelligence

As we saw last week in the last article, a new AI has been born. We are closer to the AI professionals dreams. What we imagined through our science fiction books is getting closer. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI. It is a model language that has been trained to generate authentic-looking human text. Its technology/methodology is […]

Weekly Review: $BTC, $AXS, $FXS and $FET

bear market

The first full week of December leaves us with a week of low volatility in the largest tokens in the crypto market, with results very close to 0% in both $ETH and $BTC. This low volatility situation leaves a very similar scenario to last week, with the price very close to the 1st resistance at […]

Resumen Semanal: $BTC, $AXS, $FXS y $FET

bear market

La primera semana completa de diciembre nos deja una semana de baja volatilidad en los tokens de mayor capitalización del mercado criptográfico, con resultados muy cercanos a 0% tanto en $ETH como en $BTC. Esta situación de baja volatilidad deja un escenario muy similar al de la semana pasada, con el precio muy cercano a […]

Crypto economy; Revolution, Evolution or survival of the financial system (part III)

crypto economy revolution evolution survival financial system 2022

7. STABLECOIN  An ecosystem of digital assets complements itself perfectly and almost naturally with a Stablecoin as a means of payment, this allows transactions between digital assets to be carried out on the basis of a token-for-token exchange, also called atomic exchange, achieving a settlement snapshot. To this end, commercial banks, international corporations, and FinTechs […]

Cripto economía; revolución, evolución o supervivencia del sistema financiero (parte III)

crypto economy revolution evolution survival financial system 2022

7. STABLECOIN  Un ecosistema de activos digitales se complementa perfectamente y casi de forma natural con una stablecoin como medio de pago, esto permite que las transacciones entre activos digitales se realizacen sobre la base de un intercambio de token por token, también llamado intercambio atómico, logrando una liquidación instantánea. Con este fin, los bancos […]

November Ranking

crypto whales

The end of November has left us with very mixed results in the crypto market, with tokens such as $MASK or $BAND rising more than +60% and with others such as $SOL or $AVAX giving up -58% and -32% respectively. But before we start with our monthly ranking, let’s analyze the chart of $BTC, the […]