Weekly Review for $BTC, BTC Dominance, $MATIC and $DYDX


Week of falls in the crypto market after the events that occurred during these days with the FTX cases and the SEC ruling against Ripple that have caused a chain effect that affected the entire market. $BTC has generated a lower low, breaking through the $18k support zone. This situation leaves a scenario of fear […]

Defi 1 CeFi 0

Defi is the name used to refer to decentralized finance, depending directly on the blockchain. CeFi refers to centralized finance related to cryptocurrencies, the central entity is in charge of the accounting and timely management. Both differ from TradiFi, which is the world of more traditional finance (which does not use blockchain, yet). When we […]

Bitcoin and Oil. Vacation or Austerity

Right now one of the best indicators of economic activity is oil. It is very interesting to apply technical and quantitative analysis in this case because we must not get carried away by narratives. We must combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis.  We know that oil, like BTC and all assets, has buyers and sellers. […]

Stratis Analysis – STRAX


This week the crypto market leaves us with a bearish movement, but remains in the range of the previous week as we can see in the Total Capitalization chart and continues to respect the previous low that generated the rebound from the bottom of the bearish channel that has been tracing since November 2021. The […]

DEFI is not just about providing liquidity

Make every dollar efficient and profitable in a market connected and working 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Eradicate usury (the middleman), who keeps part of your profits just for generating trust in a simple transaction or for giving you access to professional money. In DeFi you only pay for use and only […]

We can’t fight the battles of the future with the weapons of the past

Trust me, I am trying hard to choose a better way to start this post, but I can’t find any other than the punch line and cliché “We are living unprecedented times”. It is true that the last time the world faced a pandemic was during the years of the Spanish Flu, but it is […]

Fake… Again

One more week we face the challenge of telling you what is happening in the market, and we do it in complicated conditions, as it is not making it easy for us. One could reasonably assume that the result of reading an article like this one would be to end up with a clear idea […]

Markets on alert

If there is one defining characteristic of the cryptoasset market, it is the higher volatility than other markets. This is something that all investors have already experienced regardless of the scenario. Whether in bearish or bullish movements, the fact is that the price movement is capable of providing long and fast rallies. This is still […]