QE vs QT

As the global economy continues to evolve in the post pandemic world, there has been much debate about the appropriate monetary policy tools at the disposal of the Federal Reserve and Central Banks around the world to ensure economic stability.  Two such tools are quantitative easing (QE) and quantitative tightening (QT), which are used by […]

Market update: $BTC, BTC dominance and $FTM


Volatility in the crypto market has increased this week. After falling since the end of February it has reversed the situation with an exponential move that has taken the price above the February highs in most assets and is represented in the total capitalisation chart, which after the weekly increase returns to the $1.15T resistance […]

Market update: $BTC, BTC dominance and $MATIC

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The month of March remains in the red after another bearish week in the cryptoasset market which has generated a declining low from February’s low, breaking the short-term support zone. This situation can be clearly seen in the total capitalisation chart, which is back to test the 900B area after the rejection from resistance. This […]

2023: Venture capital is back in the crypto sector

#Blockchain is a concept that arises from the sum of several disruptive technologies, showing itself as one of the most transformative technologies of the last decade, especially thanks to its potential to revolutionize the way in which business transactions are conducted, a potential that today seems unlimited. Leaders around the world, venture companies, the financial sector […]

Market update: $BTC, BTC dominance and weekly ranking

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The second month of the year closes and the cryptoasset market leaves us with a sideways structure after the upward momentum of January, as we can see in the Total Market Capitalisation chart, which has ranged between $950B and $1.1T. This monthly situation is replicated on the $BTC chart, which also registers a month of […]

Energy Web, the STANDARD of P2P energy trading

To summarise the whole content of this artifice, let’s say that we are facing a new market design, which is being deployed in 4 different European countries (Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Estonia), to become the “STANDARD” for P2P energy trading, including a possible direct connection with Tesla and its future P2P energy trading software. If […]

Legal and Tax Advice for Cryptocurrency Investing

As individuals, investing in the blockchain World, and specifically in a crypto wallet, could be as simple or as complex as needed. It is interesting to explore a bit deeper what this means. An investment though a wallet could have similar consequences as to have an offshore financial traditional account, from a tax perspective. There […]

Commodities, Next Station

belobaba crypto patterns trading

In order not to always load the same topic, always, in relation to crypto assets, today I am going to talk about commodities. Precious metals have been highly valued by humans for centuries, serving as a store of wealth, a form of currency, and a symbol of status and power. Among these metals, gold and […]

Is it over the Crypto winter?


A crypto winter refers to a prolonged period of market downturn in the cryptocurrency industry. During a crypto winter, the prices of cryptocurrencies typically experience significant declines, and trading volumes may decrease. This can lead to reduced investor interest and a slowing of innovation in the industry. It is difficult to predict when a crypto […]

Weekly Review: $BTC, BTC.DOM, $ICP and $CRV

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After last week’s correction, market’s optimism has returned with a generalised upward movement that has seen a new attempt to the resistance zone in several tokens, as is the case of $BTC, which has generated a low and a rising high in the short-term trend that brings it back to the $24k-$25k zone. This upward […]