Matic Analysis

After last week’s strong bearish movement we have experienced a week of indecision in which the “bears” remain cautious because of the proximity to the support zone and the “bulls” […]


The first two thirds of June have been interesting to say the least. During these times I have had the privilege to meet and discuss the Crypto market conditions in […]


The success of Bitcoin largely depends on the incentives given to miners. Every time a transaction is signed and confirmed, a hash is generated.h Hash is like sealing wax on […]

We follow lateral… until when?

We close the last week of May with a market configuration that has hardly changed since the first third of the month. Basically these thirty days have been distributed in […]

A chat with Feynman about crypto

AI like Open AI already allows you to create full articles from a simple sentence, and results are extraordinary. It’s hard to know if a text is created by a human or a […]

The Survival of the Fittest

Those who know me or have been reading my content lately, will quickly be able to conclude that as an investment manager, I am more fundamental than quant or Technical. […]

Cryptowinter: What should we expect?

Taking into account the basic model of trend determination, lower lows and lower highs, we have a downtrend since BTC rejected 48K USD and left a new low below 28.6K […]

Liquid Staking, one token to rule all

In terms of economics, risk and management, the data has always been on the side of staking, but for some time now a new financial structure seems to be gaining […]