Alternative Data in the Crypto Hedge Fund Industry

Hedge Funds have been historically pioneers in the financial sector. This is due to more of a necessity rather than a choice. At the end, the survivorship of the industry relies upon on the continuous search of Alpha. Yes, this type of investment vehicles does not have the luxury of be able to endure long […]

Tax Time

Like in the Medieval ages and more specifically during Assize times, citizens in major western countries are facing the [un]pleasant tax season. More than 600 years ago that used to mean a soldier/messenger from the King or Queen standing in the middle of a public square unfolding a paper roll and shouting how much each […]


During our weekly investment committee meetings at Belobaba, one of the mandatory topics on the agenda is the discussion about the market sentiment on bitcoin and one of the trends that I have been able to discover over the time is the divergence in sentiment when we discriminate the results by geography. By far the […]