Gamefi + eSports = eSports 3.0

Desde inicio de año, no paramos de ver noticias de acuerdos entre equipos de esports y proyectos del mundo blockchain.  Aunque esto no es nuevo, ya que son dos mundos muy bien avenidos, sí que el número de noticias en este inicio del 2022 está siendo casi de noticia diaria. En concreto, en las últimas […]

Foundations or fundamentals: What identifies a brand?

What defines us is what we transmit, so today I want to answer one of the most recurring questions I have been asked throughout 2021, Why Belobaba? The answer is sometimes so simple and obvious that you can’t explain it well, so without further ado and without further detours, let’s go ahead with the answer. Why Belobaba was born […]

What has happened in the beginning of 2022

As I explained in January’s article, 2022 is going to be the year of GameFi and January’s data confirms it. According to Dapp Radar, the investment in the first month of the year was 1Billion $ and all of it went in games and their infrastructure. This data is relevant as during 2021 the total […]

Banger Games To Develop A Crypto Gaming Hub

Source and Image: A Blockchain Gaming Hub is going to be created by Banger Games, a startup set to open new possibilities for gamers. Banger Games has raised €10M to develop a gaming hub where users can choose from various blockchain games or non-blockchain games, adding a second layer of rewards based on in-game and community […]

The Guilds at GameFi

Last week I was meeting with my colleagues from the Plei Games project, they are a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that invests in blockchain video game assets that generate a return through gamers, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to create an interconnected community of gamers, backers and token owners, acquiring properties in multiple virtual worlds while generating yield. With […]

Yield Guild Games Analysis – YGG

A week of recovery for the crypto market, with the two main assets approaching the end of the week in positive territory, ETH adds +16% during the week, while BTC increases +10%. A week that generates some excitement due to the increase in prices, but still leaves us in a situation of uncertainty, since the […]

La batalla del gaming

La semana pasada saltó la noticia de la compra de Activision Blizzard, valorada en 75 mil millones de dólares por parte del gigante tecnológico Microsoft. Esta noticia fue una bomba en la industria del gaming. Para aquellos que no conozcáis Activision, puede que os suene más juegos como Call of Duty,  World of Warcraft o  Candy Crush. Pero nos […]

2022. The year of GameFi

Just as 2020 was the year of DeFi, 2021 was the year of the breakthrough for NFTs and Play to Earn games. This year 2022, GameFi will continue to grow, and we need to keep a close eye on how this growth is happening. What to expect in 2022 According to a study by the Blockchain Gaming […]

BELOBABA ya es partner oficial de Blockchain Gaming Alliance

BELOBABA ya es partner oficial de Blockchain Gaming Alliance Desde BELOBABA queremos anunciaros que aumentamos nuestro compromiso con el sector del blockchain gaming formando parte de la Blockchain Gaming Alliance La Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) es una organización comprometida con la promoción de blockchain en la industria del gaming. Su objetivo es dar a conocer las tecnologías […]

2022. El año del GameFi

Al igual que el 2020 fue el año de las DeFi, el 2021 fue el año del avance de los NFTs y de los juegos Play to Earn.  En este 2022, GameFi seguirá creciendo, y tenemos que estar muy atentos a cómo se produce este crecimiento.  Qué podemos esperar este 2022 Según un estudio de […]