Web 3 or Metaverse, that is the question

Web3 (sometimes called web 3.0) and metaverse are two terms that have recently become a constant question in the world of technology. I’m sure you’ve heard them countless times in […]

Everything about Gaming in February

February was a bad month in general for everyone. Last 24th of February at 6:00am Rusia started the invasion of Ukraine, and the war is always bad news.  That situation […]

Geopolitics and Weekly Crypto Sentiment

We have spoken on numerous occasions about the importance of institutional adoption and users adoption as two of the main driving forces in the crypto sector. A question that many people does is if […]

Gamefi + eSports = eSports 3.0

Desde inicio de año, no paramos de ver noticias de acuerdos entre equipos de esports y proyectos del mundo blockchain.  Aunque esto no es nuevo, ya que son dos mundos […]

What has happened in the beginning of 2022

As I explained in January’s article, 2022 is going to be the year of GameFi and January’s data confirms it. According to Dapp Radar, the investment in the first month […]

Banger Games To Develop A Crypto Gaming Hub

Source and Image: https://egamers.io/have-you-heard-about-banger-games-first-blockchain-based-gaming-hub/ A Blockchain Gaming Hub is going to be created by Banger Games, a startup set to open new possibilities for gamers. Banger Games has raised €10M to develop […]

The Guilds at GameFi

Last week I was meeting with my colleagues from the Plei Games project, they are a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that invests in blockchain video game assets that generate a return through gamers, NFTs […]

Yield Guild Games Analysis – YGG

A week of recovery for the crypto market, with the two main assets approaching the end of the week in positive territory, ETH adds +16% during the week, while BTC […]