Dubai Esports Festival, esports needs Blockchain

Dubai Esports Festival - Esports need blockchain

Today, Thursday 10/11, the Initiate Summit of the Dubai Esports Festival ended. Meeting where BELOBABA attended to explain why from our point of view, gaming and esports will be the gateway for crypto assets to massive adoption and how we are managing the investment in them. The event is dedicated to gaming, esports and PopCon […]

AxieCon: A Digital Nation Gathers

As we discussed in the last article, Blockchain Gaming desafía el bear market,  blockchain gaming is being resilient to the bear markets, in terms of UAW and investments. Nothing can prove it better than the last event in Barcelona, Axie Infinty Axiecon, where the most famous blockchain gaming has demonstrated the power of their community and […]

First half. Blockchain games resilience

After a month of first half closed, the market seems a little bit more quiet, but all of us are expecting what is going to happen due to the global financial and political situation: Last Thursday the ECB raised the interest rates, inflation is skyrocketing and the energy prices keep rising. The economic outlook is […]

Does a Security NFT make sense?

In Belobaba, as the first crypto investment fund with a regulated security token, we understand how challenging is the process to make it real. But in the other hand, we know how important is to offer this STO to the investors, it really makes the difference! These securities are fungible tokens, but can NFTs be […]

Crypto and Esports. What else?

We are still enjoying the news of our investment announcement and collaboration with TQ Olympo last Friday, July 1st.  After a week from our announcement, some press media are still echoing about this great news, which is the beginning point to a fantastic and hopefully prolific agreement.  We are still talking about this announcement with […]

Moving from web2 to web3 gaming

Last week my colleague Toni Garballo talked about web3 and its influence on the metaverse… and taking advantage of the hype generated by his article.  We are not going to explain the technological transaction that Toni also explains in his article but we are going to see what all this transition from web2 to web3 brings to gaming […]

Everything about Gaming in February

February was a bad month in general for everyone. Last 24th of February at 6:00am Rusia started the invasion of Ukraine, and the war is always bad news.  That situation of the markets was improving, if you compare it with last months but the beginning of the war and its consequences have brought more uncertainty […]

Vuelta a los eventos presenciales. Avalanche Summit

El pasado mes de febrero dimos el pistoletazo de salida a los eventos presenciales con el Mobile World Congress, dónde ya empezamos a ver presencia de empresas del ecosistema blockchain y cripto, como Binance.  Pero marzo y abril vienen cargaditos. A primeros de abril, 4-5, tenemos el Celo Connect en Barcelona, la próxima semana estaremos en Andorra, el […]

Gamefi + eSports = eSports 3.0

Desde inicio de año, no paramos de ver noticias de acuerdos entre equipos de esports y proyectos del mundo blockchain.  Aunque esto no es nuevo, ya que son dos mundos muy bien avenidos, sí que el número de noticias en este inicio del 2022 está siendo casi de noticia diaria. En concreto, en las últimas […]