TraFi vs CeFi vs DeFi, check your convictions

blockchain tools to produce a monetary reset

Being in a full and conscious economic recession, given the data of the last 2 quarters with a negative GDP growth -1.6% in the first quarter of 2022 and -0.9% in the second quarter of 2022, these are the moments where we must review our convictions and put on the table whether we really have sufficiently […]

The Recession opportunity

Recession it’s a good excuse to invest. It only depends on how long you put your goal, if you are thinking in the long term,  this could be your moment. That’s especially true if you bet on exponential trends. Trends are the clue.  Sometimes we use exponential curves to have better perspective over long time periods. […]

Sovereign Funds (III)

funds belobaba

In the last two weeks we’ve seen why sovereign funds are so important and we’ve demonstrated that they are not yet into crypto although some of them are starting to take positions on the market. Today we will see how they work and what their investment strategies are. How the SIF works: Investment strategies. Profits […]

Adquiring speed

Week in which we have known two important data to take into account. On the one hand, we have seen how the preliminary data would indicate that the US economy is entering a recession, after negative growth data for two consecutive quarters. On the other hand, we have an overheated economy with high inflation, which […]

QUICK Analysis


A week of low volatility in the crypto market. $BTC started with a rejection movement from resistance to reach the short-term support zone and generated a reversal movement that poses a scenario very similar to previous week, with a higher low, but without highs that confirm the upward micro-trend.  BTC’s dominance remains in this small […]

MakerDAO, The First Central Bank on Blockchain

INTRODUCTION Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Algorand or Facebook’s future META are all networks, and although some are more decentralized than others, they all need network effects. To understand network effects we first need to identify and understand how a network works, but this is a topic that takes some time to learn as it is something […]

The Bitcoin Standard for Stable Currencies

The gold standard has served as a store of value to back assets for hundreds of years. Today, gold still backs some debts and guarantees the solvency of many institutions. Bitcoin is an excellent option for backing stable currencies. Admittedly, it requires associated smart contracts or human intervention. Let’s look at the various options: 1. […]


The first two thirds of June have been interesting to say the least. During these times I have had the privilege to meet and discuss the Crypto market conditions in New York City with some of the best traders of the world. Contrary to what pop Culture indicates, they do not have a YouTube channel, […]

Bitcoin Analysis

Complicated start to the week that has left us with generalized bearish movements in the market that have caused the breakdown of the support zones in most of the tokens including $BTC and $ETH, which closed on Monday with a result of -16% . The week was marked on the calendar by the announcement of […]


When you stumble upon the term Alpha Decay, the first information that jumps out a Google search is a scientific definition about a type of radioactive decay in which an atomic nucleus emits an alpha particle and thereby transforms or ‘decays’ into a different atomic nucleus. This means very little for all of us that […]