Polkadot, the digital infrastructure of money

At Belobaba it is clear to us that POLKADOT will be a dominant infrastructure in the field of decentralized financial applications, proof of which is the great reception that the parachains have had in a rather convulsive market moment. Our main differentiation from other funds is that our returns are directly proportional to the level […]

Bitcoin and Oil. Vacation or Austerity

Right now one of the best indicators of economic activity is oil. It is very interesting to apply technical and quantitative analysis in this case because we must not get carried away by narratives. We must combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis.  We know that oil, like BTC and all assets, has buyers and sellers. […]

[Don’t] Playing Games with your Money

You can relax, I assure you. I just needed to commence an article by shaking things a bit since after a few months of crypto winter some of us are starting to get kinda numb. However, the title is not completely out of topic. If DeFi (for some) represents a threat to the traditional finance […]

Bitcoin Analysis

Complicated start to the week that has left us with generalized bearish movements in the market that have caused the breakdown of the support zones in most of the tokens including $BTC and $ETH, which closed on Monday with a result of -16% . The week was marked on the calendar by the announcement of […]

A New Digital Era Under Construction

DAO, DEFI and NFTs May, 4, 2022 In the past and as a result of the industrial revolution, corporations (drivers of progress in applying technology to commerce) emerged as a new system for pooling resources and improving productivity, generating better profits for the bottom line and their shareholders. On the other hand, these corporations produced an important […]

We can’t fight the battles of the future with the weapons of the past

Trust me, I am trying hard to choose a better way to start this post, but I can’t find any other than the punch line and cliché “We are living unprecedented times”. It is true that the last time the world faced a pandemic was during the years of the Spanish Flu, but it is […]