Human rights and blockchain go hand in hand

Dear U.S. Congressional Leaders, Committee Chairs and Ranking Members: “We are 21 human rights defenders from 20 countries around the world who have dedicated ourselves to the fight for freedom […]


The success of Bitcoin largely depends on the incentives given to miners. Every time a transaction is signed and confirmed, a hash is generated.h Hash is like sealing wax on […]

Bella Protocol Analysis – BEL

Despite the fact that last week we commented that $BTC had managed to break the range to the upside, during this week we have not seen a continuation move and […]

BELOBABA In the Prestigious PWC Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2022

The annual Crypto Hedge Fund report from PwCElwood & AIMA – The Alternative Investment Management Association is now live and available publicly on our website: We’re very pleased to have contributed to PwC 4th […]

Darling we have to talk

Darling, we have to talk… Everybody that has ever been into a long term relationship knows that when you hear those words you are dead. Maybe you don’t know exactly […]

The transformation of banking: from branches to DAPPS

Source: If we cross two coordinates in a graph: in the vertical, human progress and in the horizontal, time, we would find an upside-down L. A practically flat baseline, […]

Research Report: Running Kaspanet…

A new blockchain begins to warm up. Through opening a research thread about a different project, not very propagandist, that has been cooking for a long time in a very, […]