Is ethereum crypto uptrend?

The Ethereum RHODL ratio is a technical indicator used by ethereum traders and investors to measure the current demand for the cryptocurrency. The indicator is calculated by dividing the number of daily new Ethereum addresses that hold a positive balance by the number of daily addresses that have gone to zero. The Ethereum RHODL ratio […]

AppChain; The super power of COSMOS


I know it’s hard to appreciate subtle differences when things get difficult and complicated (even more so in a 13 month market downtrend), but it’s that ability that makes the difference between a good digital asset manager and the rest. Thanks to being able to appreciate them, you not only reinforce your convictions about the […]

Ranking 2022

cryptotrading patterns markets

The year 2022 is coming to an end, leaving behind a year of widespread falls in the market. The tokens that stand out the most are those that achieve less negative results than the assets with the largest capitalisation in the crypto market, $BTC and $ETH. Therefore, I wanted to make a ranking of the […]

Read the crystal ball with us about the new year

With just a few hours to close the year 2022, the most common thing is to take stock of everything that happened during this period. The truth is that from the point of view of emotions it has been a year that has not disappointed. The digital asset ecosystem has suffered severe shocks, and despite […]

Resumen Semanal: $BTC, $AXS, $FXS y $FET

bear market

La primera semana completa de diciembre nos deja una semana de baja volatilidad en los tokens de mayor capitalización del mercado criptográfico, con resultados muy cercanos a 0% tanto en $ETH como en $BTC. Esta situación de baja volatilidad deja un escenario muy similar al de la semana pasada, con el precio muy cercano a […]

Waiting liquidity

bullish close in the crypto market

We can approach the cryptoactive market from different ways and points of view. If you follow these posts you already know that I am mainly interested in a more macro approach to the market, since it is the one that I consider most valuable to carry out to evaluate the performance of the market in […]

November Ranking

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The end of November has left us with very mixed results in the crypto market, with tokens such as $MASK or $BAND rising more than +60% and with others such as $SOL or $AVAX giving up -58% and -32% respectively. But before we start with our monthly ranking, let’s analyze the chart of $BTC, the […]

Ranking Noviembre

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El cierre del mes de noviembre nos ha dejado resultados muy variados en el en mercado criptográfico, con tokens como $MASK o $BAND subiendo más de un +60% y con otros como $SOL o $AVAX cediendo un -58% y un -32% respectivamente. Pero antes de empezar con nuestro ranking mensual, vamos a analizar el gráfico […]

Break in the market

long and a short position strategy trading

Markets are not used to having a linear development. This is one of the first things we learn, often at the cost of losing money, but it is a reality. You will not see straight ascending or descending lines in the prices And herein lies the great difficulty. Undoubtedly, a deeper analysis could lead us […]

The market takes a breather

bear market

The market is still stunned and waiting. It must be said that this is a completely normal reaction in these circumstances. Normally, when a crash of these characteristics is caused by something as important as what FTX has caused, there must be a “digestion” of the event, which we know as distribution. And this is […]