NFTs & Esports Synergies

Esports and NFTs are booming global phenomena converging in parallel, with no ceiling to their potential, and irremediably drawing closer to each other with a cosmic attraction power. Why wouldn’t they? There is much to be gained from their relationship. These are two rising stars of the modern world, whose symbiosis could turn into something […]


evento santander belobaba

BELOBABA Tour estará en el Palacio de la magdalena de Santander, Cantabria el próximo 24 de septiembre de 2022. “El Futuro del Dinero: Digitalización, descentralización y productos al servicio del dinero”, es un evento que reunirá a inversores, asset managers, family officers y los proyectos de crypto y blockchain más importantes del ecosistema. Este evento […]

US treasury and Tornado Cash, put DeFi sector in check

Strength of one (bitcoin, it has addresses on the OFAC SDN list for years and they have never had censorship at the protocol level, consequence: NONE, weaknesses of others (Ethereum at the network level has been touched and the protocols on it are quite censored). Although we can label the OFAC ban on Tornado Cash […]

Technical Figures 2: Flag/Pennant


Last week we analyzed some trend reversal formations such as the double bottom or double top, so this time I want to show you a trend continuation figure such as the Flag or Pennant. It is a figure that is formed by a very pronounced movement in one direction (mast) that subsequently generates a consolidation […]

ETHEREUM and COINBASE, the new financial strategies.

ethereum and coinbase

Just as it happened during 2017 with bitcoin and its problem to scale, suffering several forks in a short time, it seems that history is repeating itself, but now with Ethereum. It is true that at that time the forks to bitcoin served as a catalyst (reaching its ATH), but it is also true that […]

Ethereum Name Service Analysis

Recovery week in the crypto market, in which $BTC approaches results close to +10%, but still far from the levels of early June.  This weekly move has generated the breakout of the acceleration bearish channel that we commented on a few weeks ago and has also confirmed a triple floor formation as we can see […]

Trying to run away from distribution

We have long wanted to reach this point where we can talk about the market on a positive note, albeit with all the caution in the world. The fact is that we can really appreciate an important change of context in the market, visualized with a stabilization of the ratios and a positive context in […]

Blockchain Gaming challenges the bear market

We are still in a market which has not stopped going down for days, although it seems that it has given us a break but we do not know until when and in what direction it will move.  The truth is that there is a lot of fear in the market and we keep getting […]

When the tide goes out, that’s when you see who swims naked

Let me change the script a little bit this week and get away from the usual content. This week I am not going to show charts or talk about the market from a technical point of view. I am going to make a series of deep reflections on the current situation that I believe that […]

Human rights and blockchain go hand in hand

Dear U.S. Congressional Leaders, Committee Chairs and Ranking Members: “We are 21 human rights defenders from 20 countries around the world who have dedicated ourselves to the fight for freedom and democracy. In this fight, we have relied on bitcoin and stablecoins, as have tens of millions of people living under authoritarian regimes or unstable […]