Análisis ZCASH – ZEC

La tensión sigue vigente en los mercados financieros y por consecuencia en el mercado de criptoactivos, lo que ha provocado otra semana sin una dirección fija en los dos activos principales, BTC y ETH, con días alcistas que precedían a otros bajistas y viceversa, y que han formado velas semanales que transmiten esa indecisión latente […]

A Nice Crypto Winter at ETH.Denver

Every time I listen the phrase “Crypto winter” only bad things come to my mind but this week the whole term took a 180 degrees turn. This time was different. Why? Because the best of the crypto community converged in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Snowy Denver to share good times and better […]

Discounted risks and valuing expectations …

This is the phrase that best defines the cryptoasset market this week. It is clear that we are riding a roller coaster, albeit with controlled volatility. Bitcoin leads the way for the cryptoasset market The analysis of the BTC chart is descriptive in this aspect, with a clearly bullish structure and a test of the […]

The market stumbles on the FED

Undoubtedly, the phrase that “the market always puts you in the right place” is not rhetoric, and events that remind us of this appear periodically. We have spent weeks with a dangerous dynamic for the bulls, in what could be defined as a listless market, without strength and with little movement. This is something that […]

Markets on alert

If there is one defining characteristic of the cryptoasset market, it is the higher volatility than other markets. This is something that all investors have already experienced regardless of the scenario. Whether in bearish or bullish movements, the fact is that the price movement is capable of providing long and fast rallies. This is still […]

Follow the leader BTC

We are seeing an important change of scenery this week in the cryptoassets market. It is really noticeable the entry of bullish capital that in an important way has ended up boosting the market. Macro data Beyond what we may see with BTC and ETH, the entire market has changed bias or sentiment. One of […]

Análisis ETH/BTC

Todo sigue igual tras una semana en la que el mundo estaba pendiente de la conferencia del FOMC del pasado miércoles, en la que no se subieron los tipos (como era de prever) y en la que Jerome Powell no concretó las fechas en las que se realizarán (aunque indicó que probablemente comenzarán en marzo)  […]

FTX-FTT Analysis

After a week marked by market instability, we have seen how the two assets with the largest market capitalization in the crypto, BTC and ETH have made new lows and continued with the downward trend. They have been falling since November 2021. This past Friday, the market was shaken by liquidations, which together with other […]

Ni moda ni tendencia, es una cuestión cultural

Hace varios años tomé la decisión (la mejor que he podido tomar en los últimos 6 años) de no volver a gastar tiempo y energía en explicar lo que continuación voy a intentar detallar de la mejor manera posible (sé que muchos al leerlo os sentiréis plenamente identificados). Tomé esta decisión porque lo hacía continuamente […]

Harmony – ONE Analysis

After several weeks marked by widespread corrections in the markets, this week we have seen how the two main players in the crypto market, BTC and ETH, became strong in the support zone, generating a price rebound from $40,000 and $3,000, respectively. But although this may induce us to think about the recovery of the […]