QTUM · Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum chains

Qtum: The Blockchain Powerhouse Bridging Bitcoin and Ethereum Behind these two monsters of new technology and blockchain, there is a new world, where more blockchains try to place you and find their place in the exciting world of data traceability, of transactions, of possibilities. Today I bring you a chain that many may not yet […]

In DeFi debt is beneficial

defi debt

2022 has been without a doubt one of the most difficult years I remember in the history of cryptocurrencies. Too many black swans with a tragic end. The heavy money printing between 2020 and 2021, ended up generating widespread inflation, if we add bad practices and management of large projects like (TERRA), (FTX) or treasury management […]

TraFi vs CeFi vs DeFi, check your convictions

blockchain tools to produce a monetary reset

Being in a full and conscious economic recession, given the data of the last 2 quarters with a negative GDP growth -1.6% in the first quarter of 2022 and -0.9% in the second quarter of 2022, these are the moments where we must review our convictions and put on the table whether we really have sufficiently […]

Monthly Review: $BTC, $ETH and $MATIC

bullish close in the crypto market

The last week of October leaves us with an encouraging bullish close in the crypto market that is clearly reflected in $BTC, which has left a rebound move from support to test and even pierce the first short-term resistance zone at $20.5k, but for the moment without a large increase in volume as we can […]

Miami Bitcoin 2022 Takeaways

It’s Monday morning and the streets of South Beach, Brickell Avenue and the Miami International Airport look like a desert when you compare the action against what happened last week. The edition of Bitcoin Miami 2022 is gone, coupled with the thousands of enthusiasts and curious that flocked into Southeast Florida to converge at the Miami […]

Vulcan Forged Analysis – PYR

First week of April leaves us with corrective movements in the assets with largest capitalization of the crypto market, BTC and ETH, after the upward impulses they made in the last weeks of March. On the other hand, the dominance of BTC leaves us with an upward rebound movement from the 41.40% support, after fulfilling […]

BTC at 1 Million $ by 2030?

Surely many people who do not understand what is behind this technological revolution think that there is no one who can speak seriously of a scenario like this. In our fund we do not have such optimistic or long-term expectations, but this hypothesis is the one used by Kathie Wood, the Founder and Manager of ARK Invest, one of […]

Análisis ZCASH – ZEC

La tensión sigue vigente en los mercados financieros y por consecuencia en el mercado de criptoactivos, lo que ha provocado otra semana sin una dirección fija en los dos activos principales, BTC y ETH, con días alcistas que precedían a otros bajistas y viceversa, y que han formado velas semanales que transmiten esa indecisión latente […]

A Nice Crypto Winter at ETH.Denver

Every time I listen the phrase “Crypto winter” only bad things come to my mind but this week the whole term took a 180 degrees turn. This time was different. Why? Because the best of the crypto community converged in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Snowy Denver to share good times and better […]

The market stumbles on the FED

Undoubtedly, the phrase that “the market always puts you in the right place” is not rhetoric, and events that remind us of this appear periodically. We have spent weeks with a dangerous dynamic for the bulls, in what could be defined as a listless market, without strength and with little movement. This is something that […]