The Thriving World of Web3 Gaming: A Q3 2023 Overview

Q3 2023: A Pivotal Quarter for Web3 Gaming Growth and Innovation In the dynamic world of the gaming industry, Q3 2023 marked a significant period of growth and transformation in the Web3 gaming sector. The data provided by Dapp Radar sets the stage for understanding the latest trends and data that defined this exciting quarter […]

Dubai Esports Festival, esports needs Blockchain

Dubai Esports Festival - Esports need blockchain

Today, Thursday 10/11, the Initiate Summit of the Dubai Esports Festival ended. Meeting where BELOBABA attended to explain why from our point of view, gaming and esports will be the gateway for crypto assets to massive adoption and how we are managing the investment in them. The event is dedicated to gaming, esports and PopCon […]

Is the NFT market still alive?

Has the NFT market been beaten by the Bear Market? Was it really a speculative JPEG bubble that has finally burst? I would say the NFT is wounded but not dead. There is no doubt that the crypto market is not going through its best moments in 2022. It started with 2.4 trillion dollars of […]

First half. Blockchain games resilience

After a month of first half closed, the market seems a little bit more quiet, but all of us are expecting what is going to happen due to the global financial and political situation: Last Thursday the ECB raised the interest rates, inflation is skyrocketing and the energy prices keep rising. The economic outlook is […]

Gamefi + eSports = eSports 3.0

Desde inicio de año, no paramos de ver noticias de acuerdos entre equipos de esports y proyectos del mundo blockchain.  Aunque esto no es nuevo, ya que son dos mundos muy bien avenidos, sí que el número de noticias en este inicio del 2022 está siendo casi de noticia diaria. En concreto, en las últimas […]

The Guilds at GameFi

Last week I was meeting with my colleagues from the Plei Games project, they are a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that invests in blockchain video game assets that generate a return through gamers, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Their goal is to create an interconnected community of gamers, backers and token owners, acquiring properties in multiple virtual worlds while generating yield. With […]

2022. The year of GameFi

Just as 2020 was the year of DeFi, 2021 was the year of the breakthrough for NFTs and Play to Earn games. This year 2022, GameFi will continue to grow, and we need to keep a close eye on how this growth is happening. What to expect in 2022 According to a study by the Blockchain Gaming […]

Blockchain y videojuegos: La gran oportunidad

Poca gente discute que la tecnología blockchain ha llegado para cambiar las cosas, y aunque unas más que otras, en casi todos los sectores de actividad  ya se está aplicando de una manera u otra.  Todos sabemos que el sector de los videojuegos es un sector divertido, de estética joven y desenfadada, y  lleva tiempo […]