DeFi Sin Secretos

En el mundo en rápida evolución de las finanzas, Finanzas Descentralizadas (DeFi) se destaca como un cambio de paradigma revolucionario. A medida que avanza la era digital, surge la necesidad de un sistema financiero más transparente, eficiente e inclusivo. DeFi promete democratizar las finanzas eliminando intermediarios y ofreciendo un acceso sin precedentes a herramientas y […]

Bear market vs Bullish professions

Demand for talent, this is the real pain point of any startup that is already in the consolidation and growth phase, if we add to this point an extra factor such as qualified talent in a sector in continuous growth and with a high demand, the mission becomes almost impossible to achieve. Technical profiles, but […]

Get education with BELOBABA Wealth Management School

Currently, the world is undergoing a significant change in the way we work, opportunities are shifting, and especially in how we engage with money. The technological revolution and the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies have given rise to a new market full of challenges and job opportunities. It is becoming evident (as well as necessary) to […]

A Psychological Explanation

crypto ftx black swan event psychological explanation social influence terra luna 2022

Some months ago we saw the fall and disappearance of a macro project (Terra/Luna). This week we said goodbye to FTX, the second (or fourth, depending on the metric you use) biggest exchange in the ecosystem. And also this week, , a big international scam with hundreds of workers affected 17.000 investors and took 2.400 millions […]