Killing players


Some voices say that the problem of inflation is beginning to be controlled, that in a few months it will begin to fall, that the economy is already cooling down, as shown by the import charts for German products, and that the reduction in global demand will impact in inflation. For example, the cost of containers is starting to […]

Economy on Demand

And if the problem is part of the solution… It is true that investment products in digital assets have been severely punished, unleashing a domino effect of significant exits, exits in some cases due to lack of trust and in others due to mismanagement, where it was necessary to stop strong economic losses. It is […]

Bitcoin and Oil. Vacation or Austerity

Right now one of the best indicators of economic activity is oil. It is very interesting to apply technical and quantitative analysis in this case because we must not get carried away by narratives. We must combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis.  We know that oil, like BTC and all assets, has buyers and sellers. […]

Bitcoin Analysis

Complicated start to the week that has left us with generalized bearish movements in the market that have caused the breakdown of the support zones in most of the tokens including $BTC and $ETH, which closed on Monday with a result of -16% . The week was marked on the calendar by the announcement of […]

A Tale of Two Business Models

As a lawyer admitted in a Common Law jurisdiction, one can’t avoid enjoying the art and work of Charles Dickens. Especially “Bleak House” which allows you to experience the horrors of the court of Chancery and “A Tale of Cities” which tells us the story of two different but famous places (London and Paris) during […]

Liquidity Trap

Stagflation, lack of economic growth and inflation is one of the topics that lead to thousands of conversations today. If there is no growth in the economy, the labor market will suffer and prices should go down. But we are suffering rising inflation, the economy could be harmed by the worst from both worlds. So […]

Convulsive Times

We live in troubled times. This type of particularly conflictive and uncertain periods are not usually the result of chance. They are usually the result of a series of imbalances that have been perpetuated and entrenched over time. Those of us fortunate enough to live in developed countries have grown up in an environment with […]

Nothing convinces the market

Biden steps up to the plate Undoubtedly the highlight of the week has been the White House Executive Order on cryptoassets. The truth is that we have not yet had time to analyze it, but given the context I think we can intuit what its intention will be. The geopolitical context has put on the table […]

An inflationary case for crypto

With Inflation levels hitting records highs never seen in decades, it is now more important than ever to understand its pervasive effect in financial assets and investment options in general. Let us break it down into pieces for you. The expected value of most financial assets such as shares in publicly listed companies or fixed […]