Matic Analysis

After last week’s strong bearish movement we have experienced a week of indecision in which the “bears” remain cautious because of the proximity to the support zone and the “bulls” […]

Human rights and blockchain go hand in hand

Dear U.S. Congressional Leaders, Committee Chairs and Ranking Members: “We are 21 human rights defenders from 20 countries around the world who have dedicated ourselves to the fight for freedom […]

Bella Protocol Analysis – BEL

Despite the fact that last week we commented that $BTC had managed to break the range to the upside, during this week we have not seen a continuation move and […]

False rise

This week we have experienced a new attempt to overcome the highs of the channel in which bitcoin is moving at the moment. The high of the end of May […]

Darling we have to talk

Darling, we have to talk… Everybody that has ever been into a long term relationship knows that when you hear those words you are dead. Maybe you don’t know exactly […]

Midterms: The Other 4-Year Cycle

November 8, 2022 marks the midterm elections in the United States. The last midterm elections was in 2018, when the bear cycle low was reached. The low was recorded after […]

Waves Analysis – WAVES

This week we have seen more fluctuation in the crypto asset market, particularly in $BTC which last Monday managed to break out of the range in which it was involved […]