Token Valuation DeFi

Applying Traditional P/E Ratios to DeFi Tokens: A New Perspective The price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) has proven to be a useful way to value capital assets such as stocks, rental properties, and even, as we will now see, tokens in the DEFI space. In traditional finance, the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) is a formula that helps us […]

Truth or Dare: Economic Challenges

Artificial intelligence

The world as we know it is undergoing significant transformations. Take a look at this Goldman Sachs’s projection for 2050, it offers some startling insights: It’s noteworthy that many top tech CEOs already hail from India, reflecting this trajectory. Given these tectonic shifts, let’s delve deeper into some critical indicators to better gauge our standing. […]

Blockchain bridges, the state change for your crypto assets

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In the blockchain space, we constantly face various challenges: In design In systems In security In usability And in general, challenges that have no precedent. One of these challenges is the construction of bridges between different networks to facilitate the transfer of assets between chains and to connect liquidity, making systems that were previously isolated […]

DeFi Sin Secretos

En el mundo en rápida evolución de las finanzas, Finanzas Descentralizadas (DeFi) se destaca como un cambio de paradigma revolucionario. A medida que avanza la era digital, surge la necesidad de un sistema financiero más transparente, eficiente e inclusivo. DeFi promete democratizar las finanzas eliminando intermediarios y ofreciendo un acceso sin precedentes a herramientas y […]

Value Investors in the Age of Web3

DeFi usage optimization l2 web3

Working in the realm of web3 finance, we often find ourselves at the intersection of technological evolution and traditional financial principles. One of the tenets that remains consistent, even as the financial ecosystem undergoes rapid metamorphosis, is value investing. One of the foremost experts in this field is Valentin Santamaria gonzalez, from whom I’ve learned […]

ALM, stand-alone financial statements

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DeFi continues to be an emerging field where technology and practices are constantly evolving, resulting in tailored protocols as needs arise, as is the case with this article, the ALMs. Not too long ago, in 2015, the crypto sector resembled the early days of the soccer industry – you were either a fan of Madrid […]

Modular Chains, the Upcoming Bullish Narrative

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Currently, there are several projects being developed within the concept of modularity, even beyond the Ethereum network. You would be surprised by the number of projects being developed under the characteristics that modularity provides. I will start by defining in my own terms the concept of “Modularity”: A Roll-Up with its respective settlement layers, layers […]

AAVE, as a DeFi blue chip

AAVE is a DeFi blue chip and their ability to bounce back from a tough year. Aave is one of those projects, and one that virtually everyone in crypto is aware of.  2023 is a fantastic year of consolidation, after the previous years. Let’s see its history and what the chart, its price, can do […]

WaaS; Blockchain Services Begin

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At the beginning of the year, Coinbase announced its Wallet-as-a-Service (Waas) solution to enable businesses to adopt wallets using their infrastructure, and recently, Circle (issuer of USDC), also announced its Wallet-as-a-Service platform, which provides relevant infrastructure for developers to easily adopt this wallet service. WaaS sits at the intersection of Web2 and Web3, indirectly helping […]

Bear market vs Bullish professions

Demand for talent, this is the real pain point of any startup that is already in the consolidation and growth phase, if we add to this point an extra factor such as qualified talent in a sector in continuous growth and with a high demand, the mission becomes almost impossible to achieve. Technical profiles, but […]