Market trap?

The market loses 45,000 USD Bitcoin. This is the benchmark news this week. We have always considered this level as strategic, capable of changing investor sentiment, and so it is […]

The war will end cryptocurrencies

How many times have I heard these words in the last 14 days, I don’t even know. I am afraid that the whole sentiment and narrative in this market is […]

Tax Time

Like in the Medieval ages and more specifically during Assize times, citizens in major western countries are facing the [un]pleasant tax season. More than 600 years ago that used to […]

Correct Use of DEFI Infrastructure

As the growth in the use of DEFI infrastructure settled, this upward movement of adoption attracted the attention of millions of people around the world seduced by the opportunity to […]

The market reacts shyly to the upside

Support at September 2021 levels This real second business week of the crypto-asset market in 2022, leaves us with a market distribution that confirms the support of the last quarter of […]