The Biggest Whale

crypto whales

One of the biggest threats to the Crypto ecosystem is the behavior of some whales that may abuse of their position of dominance over the market by manipulating prices with their movements. This problem, which should tend to disappear as social adoption becomes more widespread, is a major headache for analysts, and for those who […]

WEB3 or L2; What will optimize DeFi usage?

DeFi usage optimization l2 web3

Let’s start by understanding that algorithms and code have the ability to constantly improve. Algorithms learn and improve with use, and code becomes more functional by design as shortcomings and flaws are discovered at the beginning of its integration. With this in mind, it goes without saying that DeFi is full of both technical tools by […]

TraFi vs CeFi vs DeFi, check your convictions

blockchain tools to produce a monetary reset

Being in a full and conscious economic recession, given the data of the last 2 quarters with a negative GDP growth -1.6% in the first quarter of 2022 and -0.9% in the second quarter of 2022, these are the moments where we must review our convictions and put on the table whether we really have sufficiently […]

No Delta-Neutral, No Paradise

long and a short position strategy trading

The term “Delta neutral” generally describes a strategy that involves a long and a short position, where a combined exposure in both, results in a market neutral position, i.e. you turn a trend (bullish or bearish) into a calm sea. Therefore, the Delta measures the directional variation of a position (-1, 0, +1), so Delta […]

How may I safely protect my capital? Part II

belobaba investments

The Fed intervenes in the markets in various ways. Now it is interesting to promise incentives: it encourages the purchase of bonds and debt because it ends up promising a higher return as a result of the increase in the percentage of reserves that must be kept in reserves, in addition to other policies that […]

SUSHI Analysis

belobaba trading

The first week of October is coming to an end without significant changes in the crypto market’s largest capitalization assets. $BTC started the week with a bullish move that took it to the top of the sideways channel it has been tracing for the last few weeks, but the resistance zone consolidated leaving a rebound […]

September monthly overview

At the beginning of the month I commented that September is a historically bearish month for the crypto market and this pattern has been repeated in the largest capitalization tokens such as $BTC closing -6% and $ETH closing -16%. But this situation has been very different for other tokens that have had a very positive […]

God save the Bank of England

What the hell is the Central Bank of England doing? The British government announces the biggest tax cut in 50 years (leaving Thatcher as an amateur). 51,000 million euros less of income for the Government while proposing a large increase in public spending. Beyond the fact that the cut is for the rich and not for the poor […]