Matic Analysis

After last week’s strong bearish movement we have experienced a week of indecision in which the “bears” remain cautious because of the proximity to the support zone and the “bulls” […]

BELOBABA In the Prestigious PWC Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2022

The annual Crypto Hedge Fund report from PwCElwood & AIMA – The Alternative Investment Management Association is now live and available publicly on our website: We’re very pleased to have contributed to PwC 4th […]

The transformation of banking: from branches to DAPPS

Source: If we cross two coordinates in a graph: in the vertical, human progress and in the horizontal, time, we would find an upside-down L. A practically flat baseline, […]

Research Report: Running Kaspanet…

A new blockchain begins to warm up. Through opening a research thread about a different project, not very propagandist, that has been cooking for a long time in a very, […]

Midterms: The Other 4-Year Cycle

November 8, 2022 marks the midterm elections in the United States. The last midterm elections was in 2018, when the bear cycle low was reached. The low was recorded after […]

La transformación de la Banca: de las oficinas a las DAPPS

Source: Si en una gráfica cruzamos dos coordenadas: en la vertical, el progreso humano y en la horizontal, el tiempo, nos encontraríamos con una L al revés. Una línea […]

Waves Analysis – WAVES

This week we have seen more fluctuation in the crypto asset market, particularly in $BTC which last Monday managed to break out of the range in which it was involved […]

Monetizing the metaverse

The metaverse is growing and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. According to some studies it has multibillion-dollar investment opportunity potential. For example, like CITI’s latest […]