Capitalization and onchain metrics, help to invest in crypto

Market capitalization, or “market cap” for short, is a measure of the total value of a cryptocurrency. It is calculated by multiplying the total number of units of the cryptocurrency in circulation by its current market price. For example, if there are 10 million units of a cryptocurrency in circulation and its current price is […]

Market update: $BTC, BTC dominance and $MATIC

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The month of March remains in the red after another bearish week in the cryptoasset market which has generated a declining low from February’s low, breaking the short-term support zone. This situation can be clearly seen in the total capitalisation chart, which is back to test the 900B area after the rejection from resistance. This […]

Migration to crypto-friendly countries

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There is a frenetic competition for welcoming investment companies, high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals in several countries around the world.  From a crypto perspective, many companies in the world are looking for a country that brings: clear and strong regulation regarding investments in crypto assets, which will bring confidence to investors and, a favorable tax treatment, […]

Weekly Review: $BTC, $SKL, $CHR and $SYS

belobaba crypto patterns trading

After several weeks with prices moving sideways at resistance in most of the large cap tokens, this week we have seen a bearish rejection reaction, which in the case of $BTC reaches the first target we set last week at $22k and with which we keep a constant monitoring of its evolution. If this range […]

Crypto summer or an oasis in the desert?

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The month of January is coming to an end and is leaving a very good taste in the crypto market, with positive results that are taking prices back to the key areas of last summer. But now arises the big question, is it the beginning of a new “crypto summer”? Or is it just an […]

Bitcoin Wyckoff distribution phases

belobaba crypto patterns trading

In technical analysis, Wyckoff distribution phases are used to study the behavior of a stock or other financial instrument in the market. The idea behind this approach is that market movements can be classified into specific phases based on the buying and selling activity of market participants. There are four main Wyckoff phases: accumulation, markup, […]

10 Points about 2-Year MA Multiplier


A 2-Year MA Multiplier is a tool used by investors to analyze the historical performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The tool calculates the ratio of the current price of a cryptocurrency to its 2-year moving average, which is a measure of the average price of the cryptocurrency over the past 2 years. A high […]

Weekly overview: $BTC, $HTR, $FXS and $FET

We continue with the bullish market movement after a start of the week with a notable drop in volatility, which left us with a sideways movement during the first half of the week, to reactivate in the last few days and generate another generalized bullish momentum from which $BTC has emerged stronger, as we can […]

Bitcoin at guide line/support


An ascending channel is a bullish chart pattern that is formed when an asset’s price moves between two parallel trendlines that are sloping upward. These trendlines act as support and resistance levels for the asset’s price, and the pattern is considered a bullish signal because the asset’s price is consistently moving higher within the channel. […]

Elliptic Curves thread for Bitcoin

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What do you exactly know about bitcoin and encryption technology? Elliptic curves are a type of mathematical construct that have become an essential component of the encryption technology used in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will explore how elliptic curves are used in Bitcoin and what makes them so important for securing […]