Weekly Review: $BTC, $AXS, $FXS and $FET

bear market

The first full week of December leaves us with a week of low volatility in the largest tokens in the crypto market, with results very close to 0% in both $ETH and $BTC. This low volatility situation leaves a very similar scenario to last week, with the price very close to the 1st resistance at […]

Resumen Semanal: $BTC, $AXS, $FXS y $FET

bear market

La primera semana completa de diciembre nos deja una semana de baja volatilidad en los tokens de mayor capitalización del mercado criptográfico, con resultados muy cercanos a 0% tanto en $ETH como en $BTC. Esta situación de baja volatilidad deja un escenario muy similar al de la semana pasada, con el precio muy cercano a […]

November Ranking

crypto whales

The end of November has left us with very mixed results in the crypto market, with tokens such as $MASK or $BAND rising more than +60% and with others such as $SOL or $AVAX giving up -58% and -32% respectively. But before we start with our monthly ranking, let’s analyze the chart of $BTC, the […]

Ranking Noviembre

crypto whales

El cierre del mes de noviembre nos ha dejado resultados muy variados en el en mercado criptográfico, con tokens como $MASK o $BAND subiendo más de un +60% y con otros como $SOL o $AVAX cediendo un -58% y un -32% respectivamente. Pero antes de empezar con nuestro ranking mensual, vamos a analizar el gráfico […]

Weekly Review of $BTC, BTC Dominance, $CRV and $BNB


The end of November is approaching and the situation has changed little since last week. In the case of $BTC, it began on Monday with a downward movement, but the $15.5k zone was consolidated as support, generating a rebound that leaves a weekly result close to +1%. At the moment the situation remains unchanged, $15.5k […]

$CHZ Analysis

$CHZ weekly analysis

Low volatility week in the crypto market largest cap assets, where we see $BTC closing at +2%. After last week bearish move this is not a good sign, as the most bullish scenario was for a quick recovery of $BTC that would leave the new low as a false move and this situation so far […]

Monthly Review: $BTC, $ETH and $MATIC

bullish close in the crypto market

The last week of October leaves us with an encouraging bullish close in the crypto market that is clearly reflected in $BTC, which has left a rebound move from support to test and even pierce the first short-term resistance zone at $20.5k, but for the moment without a large increase in volume as we can […]