Bullish or Bearish?

In various posts we have commented that the main problem of the cryptoactive market lies in the lack of bullish volume. The fall of the second quarter of this 2022 has occurred in a new context and different from what we have seen before The new environment derived from the changes in monetary policy is […]

The economics of the ETH Merge

The Merge was a very important event for the cryptocurrency ecosystem because it marks Ethereum’s move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. It is a very important part of the Ethereum 2.0 process, following the launch of the Beacon chain and the mergers in the Proof networks. Many think that the Merge is […]

AxieCon: A Digital Nation Gathers

As we discussed in the last article, Blockchain Gaming desafía el bear market,  blockchain gaming is being resilient to the bear markets, in terms of UAW and investments. Nothing can prove it better than the last event in Barcelona, Axie Infinty Axiecon, where the most famous blockchain gaming has demonstrated the power of their community and […]

Wind of change

The market continues in that marked dichotomy between ETH and BTC as we have commented in other posts. We have a BTC in a clear support zone, in addition to the bottom zone of the old distribution channel, that is, we have revisited the low zone of the last fall In the case of ETH, […]

New BELOBABA Crypto Index – VS120 INDEX. Diversify passively

index trading

Like a traditional index, a “Crypto Index” is nothing more than a basket of assets, which are individually traded on the cryptocurrency market. An index is very useful to be able to analyze the price variations of various projects and better understand their evolution as well as specific sectors, or to measure and evaluate the management of […]


🚀NUEVO MÁSTER DE TRADING 2022-2023 Quieres dedicarte profesionalmente a la inversión? Aprende de la mano de profesores expertos en inversiones, análisis y trading. Este máster te ayudará a comprender el mercado y la economía digital con contenido adaptado a las nuevas tendencias del mercado y a la innovación. Blockchain Institute & Technology y BELOBABA son referentes en inversiones […]

Breaking uptrend again

bitcoin crash belobaba

Complicated week that we are seeing in the market with a new break of the support zones. We haven’t just seen defined and sustained trends over time. The market moves in an environment of insecurity and uncertainty continuously, which advises us to be agile when entering and exiting. This is territory for short-term traders. We […]

Technical Figures 2: Flag/Pennant


Last week we analyzed some trend reversal formations such as the double bottom or double top, so this time I want to show you a trend continuation figure such as the Flag or Pennant. It is a figure that is formed by a very pronounced movement in one direction (mast) that subsequently generates a consolidation […]

The Metaverse Investment Drivers (I)


Introduction Although the definition remains undefined – and will probably remain so for some time – the conventional wisdom is that the metaverse is the next iteration of the Internet, where it becomes something we are immersed in, rather than something we just see. But let’s face it, the purest metaverse doesn’t exist, and it’s not […]

Crypto Summer

The market is reaching an interesting crossroads point. It is one of these situations in which the price has to make a decision that marks the immediate future. Right now from a technical point of view we can see a sideways range structure that is running out of recent moves. And I say this, for […]