XRP Analysis

This week was marked on the economic calendar by last Wednesday’s US interest rate announcement, in which the FOMC decided to raise rates to 3.25% as planned, but with higher forward projections, as the measures taken so far have failed to curb rising inflation. This news caused an increase in volatility in the markets, but […]

BTC and ETH Analysis

A week of general correction in the markets that had a clear turning point last Tuesday after the CPI data was released in the US, which was higher than experts expected. This increase in the CPI (both monthly and annual) may lead to a hardening of the Fed’s discourse regarding the measures taken so far […]

ATOM Analysis

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This week was marked by the ECB’s meeting on Thursday and its corresponding interest rate announcement, where a rise to 1.25% was expected, +0.75% compared to the last figure. There was no surprise in this decision, but there was the increase in the Deposit Facility Rate, which rose by 0.75%, that’s 0.25% more than expected. […]

BELOBABA Analysis: Chiliz

belobaba analysis chiliz

The close of August leaves us with another month of correction in the crypto market’s largest capitalization assets, in which we have seen $BTC fall by -14% and $ETH by -7%.  Although the support of June and July, located between $18k and $19k in $BTC is still respected. A new low could reactivate the downtrend […]

Sovereign Funds into crypto (IV)

In the last three weeks we have seen why Sovereign Funds are the kings in the financial system, how the lack of regulation and other barriers are slowing their entrance into the market and which investment strategies they use. We have enough fundamentals to observe that the entrance of Sovereign Funds into crypto is inevitable. […]