A Nice Crypto Winter at ETH.Denver

Every time I listen the phrase “Crypto winter” only bad things come to my mind but this week the whole term took a 180 degrees turn. This time was different. […]

Banger Games To Develop A Crypto Gaming Hub

Source and Image: https://egamers.io/have-you-heard-about-banger-games-first-blockchain-based-gaming-hub/ A Blockchain Gaming Hub is going to be created by Banger Games, a startup set to open new possibilities for gamers. Banger Games has raised €10M to develop […]

Metaverso y Gaming, un sector en auge

No es novedad que uno de los sectores más en auge dentro del entrono criptográfico es de los metaversos y el gaming. Podemos definir un metaverso como un mundo virtual […]