The UK Opportunity

UK finance

By understanding UK finance, you can understand the whole history of finance. It’s like a small representation of the whole world.  Until 2008 UK was the world’s leading financial center. Its stock exchange is the oldest and one of the most important. 70% of bond trading and more than half of equity trading goes through […]

No Delta-Neutral, No Paradise

long and a short position strategy trading

The term “Delta neutral” generally describes a strategy that involves a long and a short position, where a combined exposure in both, results in a market neutral position, i.e. you turn a trend (bullish or bearish) into a calm sea. Therefore, the Delta measures the directional variation of a position (-1, 0, +1), so Delta […]

What should the Fed have done?

Seen with the perspective of time, it is quite evident that the Fed is clearly late. There are several factors to take into account: A. Almost flat inflation in the last decade. B. Bullish cycle in financial markets, in general. C. Expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet. D. Economic stimulus packages. E. Public deficit that […]

Weekly Analysis: $BTC, BTC Dominance and $HT

Back and forth week in the assets with the largest capitalization of the crypto market, in which we have seen how $BTC accumulated losses of more than -5% in the middle of the week, to later bounce from the support zone and approach the weekly close with a result close to 0%. This bounce adds […]

2022 Q3. Blockchain gaming is still kicking

belobaba investment gaming

While I was writing this article the market was in red. The announcement of IPC in the USA was the trigger.  This situation is not new in the crypto currency market in the last quarter and the bear market is still “alive”.  Big numbers of Blockchain Gaming  The last report of DappRadar Q3 2022, explains […]

The CPI sets the pace


As in previous months, the market is attentive to macro news, which is what is setting the pace and the evolution of prices. In our strategy, we used to focus on central bank meetings as reference news and some labor market data, as is the case of the NFP USA But this scenario has changed […]

Lessons learned from winter DeFi

There is a thought that has been shaking me for more than 2 decades about something that affects all Europeans directly and indirectly (although luckily for me less and less, thanks to the global environment where I move and work, which does not depend on an economy or a currency), since I cannot see from […]

COSMOVERSE and the new power of ATOM 2.0

As much as I have been thinking about the price of the ATOM token for some time, I never found a reason for organic growth through the use or need of ATOM in its own network, something frightening for its viability and at least similar to what is a speculative bubble, so I moved away […]

Auctions are coming to DEFI, Kujira

Can you imagine being able to buy tokens at a discount and get between 5% to 10% profit on each operation in a simple, intuitive way and with minimum risk. Read this article to the end and I will explain it to you in 5 minutes. In DeFi there are already several tools that give […]

3 Reasons to be Risk Averse in Crypto

Cryptocurrency is defined as communication in a hostile environment. For that reason, we should think about the hostilities surrounding the crypto environment. The number one hostility is called leverage. Because that’s how the most money has been lost in the bubbles. A good example of how dangerous leverage is was the Crash of ’29. Just […]