Auctions are coming to DEFI, Kujira

Can you imagine being able to buy tokens at a discount and get between 5% to 10% profit on each operation in a simple, intuitive way and with minimum risk. Read this article to the end and I will explain it to you in 5 minutes. In DeFi there are already several tools that give […]

3 Reasons to be Risk Averse in Crypto

Cryptocurrency is defined as communication in a hostile environment. For that reason, we should think about the hostilities surrounding the crypto environment. The number one hostility is called leverage. Because that’s how the most money has been lost in the bubbles. A good example of how dangerous leverage is was the Crash of ’29. Just […]

The FED follows adding pressure to market

The current market scenario is complex, as we have commented on several occasions, and it is that what we have been saying for a long time has been fulfilled. It was evident that we could not get out of the monetary policy that was being developed in any other way. There was no room for […]

BTC and ETH Analysis

A week of general correction in the markets that had a clear turning point last Tuesday after the CPI data was released in the US, which was higher than experts expected. This increase in the CPI (both monthly and annual) may lead to a hardening of the Fed’s discourse regarding the measures taken so far […]

Do Kwon: The Interview

belobaba terra luna ust

Do Kwon, founder and CEO of Terra Labs, broke his silence to talk about what happened with Terra in May 2022. The meeting took place in Singapore, between an office and his home. The interview is composed of 2 parts, in the first part they review Terra and UST, then they continue with the interview […]


evento santander belobaba

BELOBABA Tour estará en el Palacio de la magdalena de Santander, Cantabria el próximo 24 de septiembre de 2022. “El Futuro del Dinero: Digitalización, descentralización y productos al servicio del dinero”, es un evento que reunirá a inversores, asset managers, family officers y los proyectos de crypto y blockchain más importantes del ecosistema. Este evento […]

Sovereign Funds (III)

funds belobaba

In the last two weeks we’ve seen why sovereign funds are so important and we’ve demonstrated that they are not yet into crypto although some of them are starting to take positions on the market. Today we will see how they work and what their investment strategies are. How the SIF works: Investment strategies. Profits […]

Belobaba & Team Queso Joint Venture

Summer is here and with summer comes a wave of festivals of all kinds in the city of Barcelona. From July 1st to 3rd I’m with my colleague Dani Contreras, Head of Gaming at Belobaba at Ubeat Live. So I take the opportunity to share this article with him, since he is one of the main responsible […]

Vuelta a los eventos presenciales. Avalanche Summit

El pasado mes de febrero dimos el pistoletazo de salida a los eventos presenciales con el Mobile World Congress, dónde ya empezamos a ver presencia de empresas del ecosistema blockchain y cripto, como Binance.  Pero marzo y abril vienen cargaditos. A primeros de abril, 4-5, tenemos el Celo Connect en Barcelona, la próxima semana estaremos en Andorra, el […]

The war will end cryptocurrencies

How many times have I heard these words in the last 14 days, I don’t even know. I am afraid that the whole sentiment and narrative in this market is being (in an exceptional and intelligent way) doctored, about whether it is the end, about whether it is a weak market and without confidence from […]