AxieCon: A Digital Nation Gathers

As we discussed in the last article, Blockchain Gaming desafía el bear market,  blockchain gaming is being resilient to the bear markets, in terms of UAW and investments. Nothing can prove it better than the last event in Barcelona, Axie Infinty Axiecon, where the most famous blockchain gaming has demonstrated the power of their community and […]

Everything about Gaming in February

February was a bad month in general for everyone. Last 24th of February at 6:00am Rusia started the invasion of Ukraine, and the war is always bad news.  That situation of the markets was improving, if you compare it with last months but the beginning of the war and its consequences have brought more uncertainty […]

Maximum Euphoria of the 2022

After a few tough months for the market, it seems that joy is back and the market paints green. We have recovered a feeling of euphoria that we haven’t seen in months. To have an idea, here we show a comparison of the last three months market sentiment evolution. More impressive is the evolution we’ve seen in […]

Análisis Top Coins 2021

Para este primer análisis del año he querido hacer un repaso por los tokens que más se han revalorizado en 2021. Esto nos ayudará a valorar el potencial del mercado criptográfico y los sectores que más han despuntado durante el transcurso del año. Como podemos observar en la imagen, entre los 7 primeros puestos  destacan […]