Crypto review starting September

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Today we will talk about several cryptocurrencies, and their situation as of August 31, 2023, advancing in Q3 of 2023.Let’s not forget that after the end of what is called “crypto winter”, in general, the market is in a waiting area/accumulation zone… we are therefore at the beginning of crypto spring. ATOMATOM, which is the […]

ATOM Analysis

This week was marked by the ECB’s meeting on Thursday and its corresponding interest rate announcement, where a rise to 1.25% was expected, +0.75% compared to the last figure. There was no surprise in this decision, but there was the increase in the Deposit Facility Rate, which rose by 0.75%, that’s 0.25% more than expected. […]

Análisis Cosmos-ATOM

El año ha empezado con inestabilidad general en los mercados financieros, particularmente a partir del discurso de la FED del pasado miércoles 05/01/21. Pero dentro del sector criptográfico, vemos activos que están desmarcándose de esta corrección generalizada, como es el caso de ATOM, el token nativo del ecosistema Cosmos, que ha subido un +37% en […]