Vulcan Forged Analysis – PYR

First week of April leaves us with corrective movements in the assets with largest capitalization of the crypto market, BTC and ETH, after the upward impulses they made in the […]

Market trap?

The market loses 45,000 USD Bitcoin. This is the benchmark news this week. We have always considered this level as strategic, capable of changing investor sentiment, and so it is […]

Zilliqa Analysis – ZIL

The month of March ends with a growth of +10% in the total Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, highlighting some tokens that close the month with good results, such as […]

Maximum Euphoria of the 2022

After a few tough months for the market, it seems that joy is back and the market paints green. We have recovered a feeling of euphoria that we haven’t seen in […]

Focus on the derivatives market

Once again, we are in a rebound phase, where the market is testing the tops and bottoms. In this context, the climate seems conducive to break the barrier of 45,000 […]

Harmony – ONE Analysis

After several weeks marked by widespread corrections in the markets, this week we have seen how the two main players in the crypto market, BTC and ETH, became strong in […]

Análisis Harmony – ONE

Tras varias semanas marcadas por las correcciones generalizadas en los mercados, esta semana hemos visto cómo los dos actores principales del mercado criptográfico, BTC y ETH, se hacían fuertes en […]

Análisis Cosmos-ATOM

El año ha empezado con inestabilidad general en los mercados financieros, particularmente a partir del discurso de la FED del pasado miércoles 05/01/21. Pero dentro del sector criptográfico, vemos activos […]

Análisis Top Coins 2021

Para este primer análisis del año he querido hacer un repaso por los tokens que más se han revalorizado en 2021. Esto nos ayudará a valorar el potencial del mercado […]

Welcome cryptoassets in 2022

Now that we are about to close this 2021, in this space of market analysis, I would like to give a different vision than usual. We will try to answer […]