Bitcoin inside the dollar milkshake

The dollar milkshake theory states that in an environment in which fiat currencies are devalued, the dollar ends up being a refuge of relative value because it serves to pay off debts and take refuge from even more unstable governments. It is a particularly useful theory to evaluate why Bitcoin has not performed well in […]

QUICK Analysis


A week of low volatility in the crypto market. $BTC started with a rejection movement from resistance to reach the short-term support zone and generated a reversal movement that poses a scenario very similar to previous week, with a higher low, but without highs that confirm the upward micro-trend.  BTC’s dominance remains in this small […]

Trying to run away from distribution

We have long wanted to reach this point where we can talk about the market on a positive note, albeit with all the caution in the world. The fact is that we can really appreciate an important change of context in the market, visualized with a stabilization of the ratios and a positive context in […]

Bitcoin Analysis

Complicated start to the week that has left us with generalized bearish movements in the market that have caused the breakdown of the support zones in most of the tokens including $BTC and $ETH, which closed on Monday with a result of -16% . The week was marked on the calendar by the announcement of […]