Just breathe

Artificial intelligence

Just breathe. First set of ChatGPT Plugins announced. Do you remember the video in the GPT4 presentation where a guy took a picture of the fridge and the ChatGPT proposed a menu? Soon you’ll take the picture, and the AI will the AI will do the grocery shopping. A new kind of Appstore? Keep breathing. […]

The FED kills the Banks

Terrified by the economic crisis that the Covid paralysis could entail, the FED, and the rest of its gang of central banks, dedicated themselves to printing banknotes like crazy. But the creation of money does not work by delivering to CTRL + P. FED creates new Debt that is sent to banks, that in turn lend […]

Settlement or profitability, the 2 faces of debt at DEFI

defi debt

Decentralised Finance, an activity developed on a decentralised technological base, where you interact through smart contracts in different layers (L0, L1, L2 and L3) and which, due to their digital morphology allow you to connect your money between these different layers in search of the best conditions and financial products to be productive and profitable. […]

Eve of Construction

Artificial intelligence

When my brother Pau Roig introduced me to the exciting BLOCKCHAIN world, we both agreed that this revolution would clearly leave us a better world. Or at least, it would give us an interesting and refreshing alternative to things we don’t like about the traditional financial system.  For days now, we have been discussing with him whether we are […]

AI news in 3 minutes

In recent months, hundreds of new AI tools have emerged applied to numerous sectors and interesting movements have been seen between big players. We often joke that 1 year in crypto is equivalent to 4 years in the normal world. Seeing everything that has happened in the last three months in the field of AI we could say […]


Artificial intelligence

Traction is a critical element in the success of any technology, and this holds true for both AI and blockchain. If could redefine attraction into a mathematical equation would be something like this: Traction = adoption x usage x value  In the case of AI and blockchain, traction is essential for several reasons. Are we […]

Google Takes a Swing at the Air

Artificial intelligence

The technological battle of the century. If this were a boxing match, it would be like watching Muhammad Ali vs. Tyson. And Google just missed the last punch. Google introduced its AI chatbot Bard, formerly known as LaMDA, earlier this week, and they did so with this post: However, it appears that the company made […]

AI + X = Innovation²

Artificial intelligence

We’ve been explaining in this series of weekly articles the potentiality of transformation of AI and Blockchain among different sectors (as we said in May 2022). This year we will see the AI emerging with other tools and technologies and impacting and disrupting several business models and sectors. The battle between Google and Chatgpt (Microsoft) it’s being epic. The […]

The NPCs revolution

Artificial intelligence

The Non-Playable Characters (NPC) has become popular in our culture. Kids use it to talk about someone who is irrelevant, without character, who doesn’t have criteria or personality. I prefer the definition of a character not relevant for the plot, who has no power to change the game, whose incidence is not crucial, designed only as a […]

AI Tools

Artificial intelligence

AI tools to accelerate your creativity and productivity in 2023 *If you hate, like I do to give your data to try out tools, you can use a temporary mail here: mail.tm I. To increase sales: 1. Smartwriter. https://www.smartwriter.ai/ This AI allows you to send personalized messages to all your LinkedIn contacts. Create a CSV with a […]