Truth or Dare: Economic Challenges

Artificial intelligence

The world as we know it is undergoing significant transformations. Take a look at this Goldman Sachs’s projection for 2050, it offers some startling insights: It’s noteworthy that many top tech CEOs already hail from India, reflecting this trajectory. Given these tectonic shifts, let’s delve deeper into some critical indicators to better gauge our standing. […]

Decoding Inflation, Bitcoin is the Antidote

📈 Inflation Matters. 💹 The recent inflation data is misleading, for Spain for example. The year-on-year reduction is based on the base effect of how the yearly variation is calculated, but in absolute terms, it continues to rise and doesn’t stop. But, if we dive into the monthly data or the aggregate inflation, the picture […]

Personal AI. The Age of Knowledge Amplified by AI

Artificial intelligence

The dynamics of business are rapidly evolving. With the emergence of transformative technologies like AI and blockchain, the financial world is no longer limited by traditional boundaries. But what happens when you couple AI with the accumulated knowledge of a business or institution? The answer is the birth of a revolution: AI-driven knowledge bases that […]

AI, Blockchain, and the Price of Our Digital Identity

Artificial intelligence

Some time ago, we emphasized that the integration of diverse technologies leads to exponential innovation. This notion becomes especially poignant when we discuss the interplay between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain. But we have to stay alert, not any combination is reliable. Let’s see one example: Worldcoin In a digital era where AI challenges content […]

Economic Perspective

Artificial intelligence

Now that we are in vacation time, and people usually seize the opportunity to travel, it is an excellent moment to gain perspective, experience other cultures, view the world from a fresh standpoint, conduct some introspection, and try to envision our future direction. Today, we will approach this from an economic perspective. Those of us […]

The Prompt to convert your GPT into your Belobaba Data Analist

While we wait for the next significant leap in Generative AI, the data onslaught, we can begin experimenting with interesting features and plugins of Chat GPT. For instance, I utilized the ‘Company Transcripts’ plugin to sift through all the earnings transcripts of various companies. But, what kind of information can you glean from this plugin? […]

How to Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Revolutions are accumulating in this 2023 between AI and Blockchain. That is why new jobs and professions are appearing. Some, like Prompt Engineers, I think will pass unnoticed as a fad. The value of the Prompt is immense, don’t get me wrong. A good prompt can save you many hours of work and increase the […]

An Era of Stacked Technologies: Blockchain x AI

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you and your friends are debating the events of a particularly entertaining evening from the night before? Every person has a different piece of the story, yet when these narratives are combined, the full picture comes to life.  For those of us who have been into […]

5 Ways AI is Changing the Blockchain Landscape

As a new generation Banking, in Belobaba we are exploring the intersection of cutting-edge technologies. One of the most exciting developments we’ve been tracking is the convergence of AI and blockchain. Here are five ways AI is transforming the blockchain landscape: 2. Improved Efficiency: AI can optimize blockchain operations, reducing the time and computational power […]