With inflation soaring to levels not seen for years, investors need to reconfigure their dashboards so their metrics efficiently capture what is happening in reality. Because earning 5% a year with 0% inflation is not the same as earning 5% with 10% inflation. Investor would be losing 5% a year. In this sense, it is difficult to […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI), key to the Metaverse?

The creation of the metaverse is not something trivial as it includes many edges in different sectors, such as technological, economic or social. In this article, with collaboration of my colleague Miquel Roig, expert in artificial intelligence and Head of Data Analysis in Belobaba, we will discuss “Artificial intelligence and its role in the Metaverse“. What is […]

It’s all about trends. Blockchain and AI

The big players in the financial system such as sovereign wealth funds, always look at the long term. And when their investment strategy depends on the long-term view it is very important to understand the trends, which are the main disruptive game changer that will shape the world in the coming decades.  And Digital transformation is the top […]