It’s all about reputation. It’s always been.

Our networks of contacts and collaborators are growing, more international, more diverse and cover more fields of specialization. In an increasingly connected and digital world, reputation is more important than ever.

Until now, Google was the gateway to information. If you appear in Google you exist, otherwise you don’t. But sometimes that’s not enough, people don’t just need to know that you exist, they have to trust you.

With the advent of ChatGPT, an online information search and reasoning tool, reputation can be easily queried. This can have a huge impact on our personal and professional lives.

Reputation is the image that society has of us, how we are perceived. This includes our track record, our actions, and how we behave in public and in private.

Building a reputation is much more difficult, expensive and laborious than appearing on Google.

And here comes the paradigm shift.

As we discussed last week, ChatGPT, the most advanced AI in the world that is revolutionizing several sectors, although it’s in beta and is not yet connected to the Internet to consult information in real time. But there is an alternative that is called Chatsonic.

I asked him the following question:

Do you think these people are trustworthy?

And then I put the URL of the Belobaba web, so that he had something to analyze.

No hay texto alternativo para esta imagen

Not only does it get the right answer ;-), but it explains the reasoning behind the answer.

It hit the key points of reputation:

  • Innovation in financial products and the investment thesis.
  • Approvals for the team.
  • The project has a great community.

This complex analysis was done in seconds, without anyone ever explaining him what reputation is and what it is based on.

And what does that imply?

In an increasingly complex world, these tools are going to give us an important advantage to face it. Many people do not know if a website where they want to buy Christmas gifts is a scam or not. With these AI all this validation/audit process will be much easier. 

Of course AI can be used also to trick you, as we’ve seen in the deepfake avatars of notorious people. Here you can see a funny example of a Deepfake meeting done in real time (Link) That’s something that happens with any innovation, depends of the use we give to it.

Let’s do one last test. Imagine that you have been disconnected from the real world and you don’t know anything about FTX:

No hay texto alternativo para esta imagen

Another interesting test about the new Terra Classic:

No hay texto alternativo para esta imagen

And this is only the beginning. As these AIs evolve, their ability to correctly diagnose complex things such as the reputation of a company or a person will increase.

It’s all about reputation. It’s always been.  Even more if we see what’s coming next. Take care of yours.

Yours in crypto and AI.