DeFi Training is a Must

Innovation is accelerating. Changes are happening faster and faster. I’m sure you remember from our student days those graphs explaining product life cycles.

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This structure has been partially outdated for years, and basically this has happened due to the appearance of disruptive innovation that has made many of these products obsolete before they reach maturity. Excuse me but I don’t remember the name of the author of the book where I got this theory from, but it was something like 10 X impact theory of Innovation.

The theory was that the life cycle of a product or industry was distorted because an innovation had created a 10x impact on the cost structure (either by cheaper production in China, by automation or by new production or marketing processes).

Interestingly, in the financial sector, these disruptive innovations with a 10x impact do not seem to have arrived yet. Except for the use of information technologies, the sector remains the same as it was 30 years ago. Innovations are more about renaming and restructuring already invented and overexploited financial products. As if changing the name would make a difference. And unfortunately maintaining the same bad practices of the original products. We have learned too little.

But Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the disruptive innovation that will generate this 10X impact that will transform and in many cases will make traditional products and services obsolete.

Are we prepared for what is coming, how can we take benefit of this disruption, how well do we understand how it works and what impact it can have?

It’s not easy. Keeping up to date requires time that we don’t have and not getting lost in this forest of disorderly and chaotic information that is the Internet. That is why the best way to face this challenge is through training.

Let professionals who master this new environment guide you and sort out what is really worth knowing and understanding. They will save you time and effort. They will put you at the forefront of knowledge about this revolution and this can boost your career at a key moment. 

The foundations of the finance sector future are being laid today. Your professional future will depend on how you position yourself today. It is worth the effort.

Investing in knowledge is better than investing in crypto, it always generates a positive return.

For all these reasons, this year we are back to create a new edition of the Defi Pro Postgraduate Course (and we already have 10 editions). We have renewed the content. We have incorporated a Masterclass inviting industry professionals to explain their experience and for students to expand their networking and many more surprises that we will be revealing these days.

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A lot of work and effort with a great management team and an impressive faculty.

And we do it because we believe that there are more questions than answers and the only effective formula to survive the tsunami of innovation with 10X impact that is coming is this:

Training, Training, Training.

Yours in crypto.