Personal AI. The Age of Knowledge Amplified by AI

The dynamics of business are rapidly evolving. With the emergence of transformative technologies like AI and blockchain, the financial world is no longer limited by traditional boundaries. But what happens when you couple AI with the accumulated knowledge of a business or institution? The answer is the birth of a revolution: AI-driven knowledge bases that enable unprecedented levels of productivity.

At Belobaba, a web3 financial institution with a lot of info accumulated through the years since our inception in 2017, we’ve developed a personal AI, harnessing the vast expertise embedded in the myriad courses from the Belobaba Welth Management School (BITBCN), documents, articles, and reports. This evolution enables us to cater to client needs with unmatched precision, speed, and efficiency.

Interestingly, we aren’t alone in this pursuit. McKinsey, a global management consulting firm, offers a glimpse into the future of corporate productivity. They’ve crafted an internal chatbot, aptly named “Lilli,” ingrained with their knowledge repository, comprising over 100,000 pages of documents. Such a tool allows every McKinsey employee to approach challenges with the prowess of the most seasoned consultant, cutting down research time from weeks to merely hours. The implications are profound: average employees can rapidly achieve the expertise of seasoned professionals.

A parallel can be drawn from a study in April that saw average customer support agents exponentially boosting their performance, matching the capabilities of senior agents, thanks to AI.

The Way Forward

To those institutions still in the nascent stages of this evolution, our advice is unequivocal: Begin the process of organizing, compiling, and centralizing your institutional knowledge. The next few months will be pivotal. As the world steers towards a more decentralized financial future, those equipped with AI-enhanced knowledge will undoubtedly lead the way.

In conclusion, the future belongs to those who can harmoniously blend the wisdom of their past with the innovations of the present. And in this era, AI-driven knowledge platforms are the compass guiding us to that future.

Redefining Technical Analysis with AI-Powered Tools

This week, Nvidia launched a new AI tool which I find particularly interesting as it’s one of the first to seamlessly integrate visual data interpretation with real-time narrative generation, setting a new standard for technical analysis for traders (and for everybody).

NVIDIA has pioneered a transformative solution: an AI tool capable of reading and interpreting visual data like images and pie charts. Integrated with the ChatGPT API, this tool doesn’t just “see” the data – it provides a comprehensive description.

Why It’s a Game-Changer for Traders:

  1. Real-time Analysis: Instead of laboriously interpreting each chart, traders get immediate AI-generated insights, enabling swift decision-making.
  2. Historical Data Revisited: By scanning past data, traders can uncover previously unnoticed patterns, refining future strategies.
  3. Future-Ready for Web3 Finance: In a decentralized financial ecosystem, such AI advancements offer traders clarity and confidence in navigating complex assets.

Lets see an example. I entered this graph about the Bitcoin cycles:

The comment made by the AI was this one:

Not bad as one of the first in this flied. Of course, here applies the prompt engineering to receive better feedback from the AI. For example, using a better prompt:

You can play for free with it here LINK.

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Yours in crypto and AI