Performance Token KHAN – September ´23 Overview

Embracing the Digital Gold Era: Insights and Strategies

Greetings from BELOBABA! We’re reaching out to share some insights into the broader sector and highlight global trends and emerging opportunities.

Highlights of the Month:

Global Trends.

The Digital Gold Era: Bitcoin’s Claim as a Modern Store of Value

One of the narratives we’ve been closely monitoring at BELOBABA Fund is Bitcoin’s portrayal as “digital gold”. As we delve into the digital economy era, the resemblances between Bitcoin and the traditional store of value, gold, are becoming undeniably evident.

  • Scarcity ➡️ Confirmed.
  • Durability ➡️ Confirmed.
  • Divisibility ➡️ Confirmed.
  • Portability ➡️ Confirmed.
  • Decentralized nature ➡️ Confirmed.
  • Fungibility ➡️ Confirmed.

While gold has been the world’s go-to store of value for millennia, Bitcoin, being just around 14 years in existence, enforces its attributes through digital code. Its digital nature aligns seamlessly with our advancing digital global economy.

As the world reduces its dependency on tangible assets, and as newer generations with digital inclinations inherit wealth, we anticipate a potential shift – a gradual transition from gold to Bitcoin.

However, to put things in perspective, we’re still at the initial stages of this transition. The physical gold market stands at a staggering $13 trillion, whereas Bitcoin’s market cap currently hovers around $500 billion. Despite this, it’s noteworthy that while gold’s value has remained relatively stagnant, Bitcoin’s value has accelerated. In the past decade alone, Bitcoin has outperformed gold by 16 times.

Emerging Opportunities: We’re keeping a close eye on ETF regulations. Their approval seems inevitable in the US, though it may be delayed as long as possible. Such an approval would result in an unprecedented influx of capital into the market. Meanwhile, the Bitcoin cycle is progressing toward the next halving.

Looking Ahead:

We are optimistic about the coming months, given the research and strategic decisions we’re making. We have consolidated strategic positions in some very promising projects that we hope, during the next bull run, might even surpass our conservative estimates. We believe in proactive management, and we’re constantly realigning our investments to ensure the best returns for you.

Remember, we’re not just investing in assets or sectors; we’re investing in futures – yours, ours, and the broader new global economy emerging from new technologies. We thank you for your continued trust in BELOBABA.

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