Once in a lifetime

In the rapidly evolving AI (and chatbot) landscape, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. ChatGPT, once the unmatched leader, still dominates, but new challengers like Bard (Google) and Claude are providing strong reasons for their adoption.

Previously, Google Bard struggled with delivering high-quality responses across various modes of communication, but the advent of a new model, PaLM 2, significantly improved its performance. Users are notably impressed with Bard’s increased speed and the handy new export features to Gmail and Docs. However, Bard remains a step behind GPT-4 in executing creative tasks, such as composing a unique poem with specific constraints.

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On another front, Anthropic’s Claude has undergone an impressive transformation, expanding its context window from a mere 3K words to a whopping 75K words, roughly the equivalent of 300 pages of text. This sudden leap has left the tech community scrambling to understand how such a feat was accomplished – a hack or an unprecedented research breakthrough. However, it was later established that this “good enough” approach compromises some of the middle text when dealing with larger amounts. Despite this limitation, Claude’s new ability to process vast amounts of text is a significant advantage, making it an incredibly valuable tool in the world of chatbots.

ChatGPT stills the best, but Bard is faster and Claude is longer.

Another interesting project to keep a look into is Perplexity.ai, a GPT4 Chat bot connected to internet with an apple app version that provides quite acurate answers and like Bing, give you the references to check the fonts of the info.

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Another interesting front is the text-to-website. We’ve seen how easy it is to code with AI support (and to learn to code), but this simplifies a little bit more the web creation process.

Take a look at this video of Dora.ai (whating list):https://www.linkedin.com/embeds/publishingEmbed.html?articleId=9215746687317061038&li_theme=light

But we are still waiting for the most important news of the week:

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We can’t wait to test how ChatGPT process raw data and create visualizations from zero.

Remember the path:

  • 2022 -Text-to-Image revolution (Midjourney, Dalle, …)
  • Nov 2022 – Language/Reasoning with ChatGPT
  • Begginning of 2023 – Open source versions, plugins, text-to-music, … AI for all.
  • May 2023 (we are here) – Data, visualizations, graphs, … data scientists.
  • Second half 2023 – Personalized AI, AI agents, Text-to-video. …
  • 2024 – Portfolio analisis, creation of scenarios and simulations, predictive models, ….

Cross all this with what its comming from the Blockchain revolution (halving, mass adoption, regulation, ….).

Blockchain and AI are about to explote in the nexts months. Enjoy the ride, one like this only happens once in a lifetime.

Yours in crypto and AI.